The rule Grant Denyer made after his "nudie rudie" kids caused a gross "medical incident".

WARNING: Do not proceed if you have your lunch in your hands.

It’s the house rule no parent ever thinks to implement. But for Grant and Chezzi Denyer, it’s their new reality.

Speaking on the 2DayFM Breakfast Show with Em, Ed & Grant this morning, TV host Grant Denyer said he has had to implement a brand new house rule after his “nudie rudie” kids caused a “medical incident”.

The rule in question? “No clothes, no time in mum and dad’s bed.”

“Our kids are nudie rudies, right. Keeping clothes on them is impossible,” the father-of-two told his radio-co hosts, Em Rusciano and Ed Kavalee.

Grant revealed that his two daughters, Sailor, 6, and Scout, 2, love to watch movies in his room while mum and dad clean up after dinner.

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“They’re climbing all over the bed, they’re sitting on the pillows, they’re laughing, they’re wrestling, they’re having a great old time. They’re rolling around, squishing their bum holes into the pillows and there is all sorts of stuff going on that we weren’t observing.”

Later that night, Grant’s wife Chezzi noticed a weird smell on her pillow, but she brushed it off and went to sleep.

“She fell asleep, woke up the next morning and she had pink eye. Mum had got pink eye from one of their dirty little bum holes on our pillow… I’m burning my pillow.”

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Grant’s co-host, comedian Em Rusciano added, “so you’ve had to lay down the rule, ‘no naked butt holes on mummy and daddy’s pillow'”.

Grant and Chezzi are not the only parents who have had to introduce a less-than-ordinary rule for their kids.

The breakfast show’s producer, Kimmy, has also had to lay down a new rule with her three-year-old son: “No licking poles at the airport.”

Comedian Em Rusciano added, “I always think when my children are toilet training, if you had told 20-year-old Em that one day I would stand and clap and cheer as another human being pooed into an ice cream container… what have I become?!”

What are the weird rules you’ve implemented in your household? Tell us in the comments below.