Carrie Bickmore just shared photos of her 'hair journey' over the years, and it's so relatable.

If you’ve ever endured a bad haircut or blow dry, it’s important to know you’re not alone in the world.

I once got a ridiculously expensive haircut, that in addition to being completely lopsided, came with a blowout that made me look like a 1980’s country pageant queen. Oh, and this was only last year, when 1980’s country pageant queens were definitely not in fashion.

It made me question why bad hair happens to good people.

Well, apparently it happens to the best of us, because Carrie Bickmore has just shared a collage of her hairstyles over the years on Instagram, and it’s, uh, pretty interesting. We take comfort in the fact that even celebrities are prone to bad styling choices.

“Gotta love a hair journey,” the 37-year-old captioned the photos.

“Can’t believe the image in the black top isn’t from the 80’s!!!”


For us though, the most shocking part is that we never actually remember her hair being that bad. Are we suffering from some sort of weird hair amnesia? It just goes to show, you should never trust trends.

What were you even thinking, 2005?!

And Carrie’s fans seem to agree.

“Crazy how fashion changes so fast! A few years later and we’re like what the??” wrote one.

Even Carrie’s former colleague, Rove McManus threw in his opinion on Carrie’s hair situation.

“See? This is why I’ve kept the same hairstyle since I was 6,” he commented.

We’re right there with you Carrie.

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