“It was ridiculous.” The transformation of Carrie Bickmore’s relationship with her mother-in-law.

For many women, the words “mother-in-law” send a chill down the spine. Memories of Jane Fonda in Monster-In-Law might flood back, as you decide to quickly sweep the floor one more time. Just in case you missed a spot.

But for Carrie Bickmore, her mother-in-law is one of the main people that help her stay on top of her busy life.

In an article written by Bickmore for Stellar Magazine, The Project host revealed that when she first met her mother-in-law, she was still doing her son’s washing.

“When [her partner Chris’s] mum is around, she does EVERYTHING. When we first met, she would come to his house, take his dirty clothes home and bring them back washed, ironed (even his underwear) and hung up. When I asked, “Why do you need your mum doing your laundry?” he would reply, “I don’t NEED her to, she just likes doing it!” I thought it was ridiculous,” Bickmore wrote.

But years later, Bickmore has shared that her mother-in-law’s desire to help out with food and washing helps the couple stay on top of their busy lifestyle. Now, she has just one word to describe her husband’s mum: ‘saviour’.

“Fast forward a few years and his mum is my saviour. She pops round with mountains of meals, will hang up the washing and looks after the kids. I can’t imagine what I would do without her,” she wrote.

“So what changed? I changed. I stopped thinking her desire to help was a reflection of my capabilities or wanting to meddle and realised that she just wants to help make her child’s life easier,” she continued.

Bickmore says that while it’s sometimes a little awkward watching her mother-in-law peg her g-strings on the line, she’s happy that her mother-in-law is so involved in their life.

Read Carrie Bickmore’s full column in Stellar magazine. 

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