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1. Fans have spotted new "evidence" that Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt have split.

For months now, rumours have been rife that Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt have quietly ended their relationship.

The couple, who have publicly been together since The Bachelorette grand finale in November last year, have responded to the speculation a number of times.

But on Monday, Carlin posted a cryptic quote on social media, leading fans to question whether the post was "evidence" that the couple have parted ways.

In the post shared to Instagram, Carlin wrote, "You don't always need the answers. Live in the moment. Be still. Breathe."


While the caption neither confirms or denies their rumoured split, many fans think that Carlin is alluding to it.

"Sorry you and Ange didn't work out," one follower commented on the post.

"You will find your love. Shame you and Angie didn't work out..." another wrote.

2. "It's a jealousy thing." MasterChef's Khanh has defended fellow contestant Laura.

If you're watching this season of MasterChef, you probably haven't recovered from Khanh Ong's elimination during Sunday night's episode.

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I got Eliminated 😭😭😭 but I just wanted to say thank you everyone for the azming messages, the love and the support. You guys a bomb AF and I promise to keep sharing my journey in food with you. @fooderati @zonfrillo and @andyallencooks thsbk you for doing a killer job this season and welcoming with open arms and guiding me during this competition but low key omg I'm salty for getting eliminated... No but honesty you guys are amazing and its been a pleasure to be judged by you. My fellow contestants, holy eff you've made this fun for me. Thank you for the friendships and the phone calls. To everyone having a hard time, remember ups and downs are part of life and that you need to experience it all. Sometimes life sucks and the world is horrible but other times it's incredible and beautiful. Hold on, stay positive and remember that you are loved. If you guys wanna see the extended version of this the link to my YouTube video is in my bio 🙏🙏🙏 love @masterchefau #masterchefau

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During an interview with Now to Love after exiting the show, Khanh discussed his experience on the show, while also touching on how the female contestants were treated by viewers. 

In the interview, he discussed the backlash towards a number of female contestants, including Laura Sharrad, who was particularly targeted by viewers.

"She's a really close friend of mine and I was really surprised by how much backlash she got because I think it's unfair. It happens in a lot of seasons and it usually happens to a beautiful woman," Khanh began.

"Social media seems to jump on a beautiful woman and I think that's what it is. They found her and instead of attacking her because they just don't like that she's on TV again, they're attacking her for pasta. That's not the reason that you're angry, I honestly think that. It happened to Chloe [Carroll] in my year and I think it's so unfair."


When the interviewer noted that the backlash was likely due to jealously, Khanh agreed.

"I think so as well. Laura is young, she is very very beautiful and so people want to tear her down. It's 2020, we do not have time for that anymore," he said.

"We're fighting for equal rights, we should not be tearing each other down."

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3. "He pretended to cry." Big Brother evictee Danni on what we didn't see in last night's episode.


Big Brother has been more dramatic than literally anyone predicted and we... love it. 

Kieran Davidson, in particular, has been perhaps one of the most savage contestants to ever play the game, proving his downright dangerous ability to lie to his housemates on Monday night's episode. 

After Kieran spread a false rumour that Danni Keogh called fellow contestant Garth Saville "a snake", Danni was eliminated from the show. And there was an even more underhanded tactic from Kieran that was never shown, according to Danni. 


"He pretended to cry and play on emotions — everyone was thinking about voting for him all day, but they changed their mind," she told the Daily Mail

"He knew he had to turn it around and he needed to get these guys to be sympathetic. He wanted to play on their emotions of 'let's all be a happy family'. He knew then and there he needed to turn his game play around," she said.

"For him to get away with two evictions — that's huge! Strategically, that's massive."

4. Oh. Rebel Wilson just shared that she matched with Ben Affleck on a celebrity dating app.

Rebel Wilson has opened up about her time on the celebrity dating app, Raya, and we want to know absolutely everything.

In an interview with Fitzy and Wippa on Nova 96.9 this morning, Rebel shared that she's spotted Ben Affleck on the exclusive dating app.

"The problem is you can’t meet anybody!" the actress shared.

"They’re normally overseas or interstate and some states still have their borders closed."

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She also added that she's yet to spot Channing Tatum, who has been rumoured to have a profile on the app.

"He hasn't come up in my feed yet, so I'll keep swiping!"

5. "You breached the rules." A very important recap of The Voice cheating scandal.


So just when we thought 2020 couldn't get any more messed up Guy Sebastian just went ahead and cheated on The Voice and you better believe that a certain Boy George is muttering under his breath about it.

 Like all good stories, it begins when a man with an exceptionally deep voice walks out onto the stage and sings 'The Sounds of Silence' by Simon and Garfunkel. 


Is he good? Like, yeah. They all are. Probably not good enough to justify traumatising all the cast and crew but hey what would I know.

Guy, on the other hand, likes the man. A lot. There's just one problem. 



Guy's team is already full and that means he is not allowed to turn around under any circumstances. 

But Guy Sebastian didn't get this far by playing by the rules (yes he did). He got this far by winning a little known television show called Australian Idol in 2003. And if that taught him anything, it's that you have to follow your heart. Especially when your heart leads you to a man in a white t-shirt named Wolf Winters.

To read more about The Voice's cheating scandal, read our earlier article here.

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