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We're calling it: Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt have definitely split.

For weeks now, rumours have been rife that The Bachelorette‘s Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt have quietly parted ways.

Now, those rumours have intensified.

On Monday afternoon, Angie and Carlin unfollowed each other on Instagram — for the second time.

Fans noticed that the couple had initially unfollowed each other on June 7, when account 'Bachie Funny' posted the news to their Instagram page.

"These two have now unfollowed each other on Instagram aka the millennial way of announcing ya breakup," the fan page wrote.


Within hours of the post, Angie and Carlin re-followed each other, and responded to the speculation in the comments section.

"Glitch in the system," Angie wrote in regard to their unfollowing. "Leave it. If you don’t know, you don’t know."

Angie also replied to a fan who defended the couple, writing: "If you don't 100 per cent know, don't post."

"Amen!!!" Angie said. "And everyone got their happy ending when the show was on. Now it’s no one's business. It’s my real life. So best people stay out of it unless they know for real what someone is going through."

Carlin responded in the comments too, replying to a person who claimed "he was just in it to promote himself and online fitness app."

The personal trainer replied: "The fitness app was an opportunity that came way later, but thanks for that."

While neither Angie or Carlin have publicly confirmed the split, in recent weeks there have been several signs the relationship is over.

Here’s everything we know about their reported breakup.

Suspicious Instagram posts

On Friday, Angie shared a post to Instagram remembering her time on The Bachelorette — the show where she met Carlin and, during the final episode, chose him over runner-up Timm Hanly.

But the post made no mention whatsoever of Carlin, and she didn’t tag him either. Instead, Angie wrote: “My heart is full and I’m very blessed for the experience, the love I have found and the hurdles that have come with it all.”



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I can not believe it is exactly ONE year ago today I stood in the freezing cold, in the highest shoes and fanciest dress I had ever worn, meeting and chatting with @osher_gunsberg about the most insane and magical adventure I was about to embark on @bacheloretteau ONE WHOLE YEAR! I can’t even imagine now what I was feeling or thinking today a year ago in that position. I would’ve been a bag of nerves I know that much. Fast forward one year later and I’m definitely not lookin’ that fresh, and I certainly am not attending any cocktail parties tonight. Might throw back a few champers to celebrate the fact I’m still standing and that I didn’t get completely eaten alive ???? But my heart is full and I’m very blessed for the experience, the love I have found and the hurdles that have come with it all ???? Time flies. So embrace it alllll! Every moment #imstillstanding ????????

A post shared by  Angie Kent (@angiekent_) on

Dozens of fans left comments asking if the couple are still together, with one writing, “So sad it didn’t work out for you guys but there will be someone even more perfect for you out there!”

Angie also shared a number of photos to her Instagram stories about her time on The Bachelorette, focusing on Osher and her brother’s appearance on the show, before posting a photo of Carlin with the text, “Carlin Sterritt, one year ago.”


Dating app allegations

Earlier this month, Carlin responded to a fan who alleged that he had been on Grindr – an online dating app for the LGBTQI+ community.

He quickly shut those rumours down, but did not address whether he is single or not.

“If anyone sees me on ANY dating apps I can promise you it’s not me,” the fitness professional wrote.

Angie Kent and Carlin still together
Image: Instagram.

"I am not interested in dating apps and haven't been on one since 2018- early 2019...


"As much as I support individuals gay or straight, I am definitely not gay," he added.

He did not, however, say he was currently in a relationship.

Mamamia speaks to The Bachelorette Australia's Angie Kent. Post continues below video.

Carlin and Angie's responses

On June 1, Carlin explicitly denied the rumours.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, he said: "It's silly. Angie is just visiting home for a bit to change things up."

"We've been in each other's pockets enough over the past few months and family is important."

For this story, Mamamia reached out to Angie's manager, who said: "Angie is currently on the Sunshine Coast for work and is simply having some time with family whilst she is there."

Previous breakup rumours

This is not the first time Carlin and Angie have felt compelled to respond to the relentless breakup rumours.

Last December, Angie told the Outspoken podcast about the "rollercoaster" the couple have been on since filming The Bachelorette ended.

"It’s a real relationship so I’m not going to pretend that everything is okay all the time when it’s not," the reality TV star and author shared in a candid interview.


“We went through a bloody rollercoaster and we had to hide for three months and then we’re just thrown in the public space for everybody to judge the sh*t out of us,” she said.

“Of course there [are] going to be times when we really, really struggle but we communicate so well.

“We have days where we go, ‘this is so hardcore’, but we talk it out, and we don’t shut down," she said. "I can see why it can be really hard for couples after this show. It can be hardcore.”

Previously speaking with Mamamia's daily pop culture podcast The Spill, Angie denied claims that the couple are contractually obliged to remain together after filming for the show ceases.

Mamamia's daily entertainment podcast, The Spill, speaks to Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt following The Bachelorette finale. Post continues below.

"I would never in a million years sign a contract that would make me stay with someone and be in a relationship," Angie told The Spill podcast last year.

"That’s not my idea of happiness. I would never do a TV show where that was the outcome. It’s all too raw and vulnerable and open.

"I did see people saying we were only staying together for money, for one hundred thousand dollars and I mean, I will take the money but to stay together for a two-year contract? I would never do that."


Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt have been together since the finale of The Bachelorette, which aired in November of last year.

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