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"You breached the rules." A very important recap of The Voice cheating scandal.


So just when we thought 2020 couldn't get any more messed up Guy Sebastian just went ahead and cheated on The Voice and you better believe that a certain Boy George is muttering under his breath about it.

Like all good stories, it begins when a man with an exceptionally deep voice walks out onto the stage and sings 'The Sounds of Silence' by Simon and Garfunkel. 

Is he good? Like, yeah. They all are. Probably not good enough to justify traumatising all the cast and crew but hey what would I know.


Guy, on the other hand, likes the man. A lot. There's just one problem. 

Guy's team is already full and that means he is not allowed to turn around under any circumstances. 

But Guy Sebastian didn't get this far by playing by the rules (yes he did). He got this far by winning a little known television show called Australian Idol in 2003. And if that taught him anything, it's that you have to follow your heart. Especially when your heart leads you to a man in a white t-shirt named Wolf Winters. 

And so, he pushes his buzzer. In Guy's defence, he definitely thought it was someone's job to disable his electronic chair. Seems ridiculous that he'd just be allowed (physically but not ethically) to turn around when his team is already full. 


And. Kelly. Doesn't. Like. It. 

Terrified of the repercussions, Kelly says, "You can't do that," and Guy just sits there looking guilty because in all the excitement he didn't really come up with a plan. Of what to do. Once he got Wolf's hopes up but then had to reject him. 

Guy did a whoopsie. And no, the other judges aren't having any of it. 


"You cheated. You are cheating," Kelly says. 

"It's impossible!" host Darren McMullen exclaims, and like, no it's not? Guy just touched his button and discovered that it was, in fact, super possible?

That's when Guy turns into a four-year-old who has been caught doing something naughty and doesn't have a rational response for why he did it. He stumbles over his words and says things like "my team is full" and "you're great" until a producer comes out of nowhere and interrupts to publicly reprimand him. 

"What happened?" he asks Guy, and yes Guy looks like he's about to cry. 

"I just... thought he was amazing," he says before apologising because he wasn't trying to "rattle the cage" or anything he just honestly thought someone would have turned off his chair by now? Given his team is full? 


But Boy George has decided that this. This right here is the hill he is willing to die on.

"I FEEL LIKE THIS ISN'T FAIR," he shouts at no one at particular.


While the producer tries to convince Kelly to take Wolf (she doesn't WANT the Simon and Garfunkel dude. THAT'S why she didn't press HER buzzer) Guy is left making awkward AF small talk with him. 

"So... you been singing for long?" he asks, while thinking okay no offence but you definitely weren't worth losing literally all my friends over. 

Wolf says something about a while but not in front of people and Sir, no one is listening. Because the producer keeps pulling people aside and looks like he's about to demand two weeks paid stress leave. 

Delta runs urgently towards the gossip, nodding intently, until finally the producer declares he needs an emergency meeting with his... boss (?). And Guy is left trying to work out how to politely say, "honestly guys. Nevermind." 

A few minutes later, the producer returns. With a plan. 

Wolf can go through to the next round. But Guy has to eliminate two people in the auditions rather than one and honestly this dude should be working on discovering the coronavirus vaccine he's just that good at problem-solving. 


Kelly agrees. Boy George is reluctant. Delta wants to know if Guy will get a formal warning and a speaking to and if she can be there to watch. But eventually they all allow it. 

Wolf progresses to the next round, where Guy plans to immediately eliminate him. 

Every year The Voice attempts to have a controversial cheating scandal. This one was definitely the... weirdest.