The 5 budget tips you need to know, according to Canna Campbell.

Are you a big-spender, or a person who sticks to budgets?

A spend-a-holic, or a save-a-holic?

Either way, millions of Australians are in the same boat of tightening their belts in the wake of the government announcing we are in a recession.

Now in our new normal, it’s more important than ever to stay street-smart when it comes to your money.

Mamamia spoke to finance expert, author and creator of SugarMamma.TV Canna Campbell to find out her best budgeting tips that won’t totally compromise the lifestyle you want or the fashion you wear.

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Campbell gave us all the tips on how to live your best thrifty, nifty and fashion-isty life. Here’s what she said.

1. Use a wish list.

Campbell says one of her favourite tips is to collect and curate a wish list on a regular basis, before buying anything.

The finance expert uses the Klarna app, which promotes smart shopping, allows you to make wish lists and also has a ‘shop now, pay later’ feature.

“So many times I think I want something and I add it to my wish list. And then a week or a month later, I’ll be looking at reviewing it, and then I’ll realise, ‘Actually, I don’t really need that or really want that as much as I thought I did’.”


“Wish lists are a great way to stop regretful purchases,” Campbell explains.

2. Spend mindfully.

Campbell says it is important to always spend money mindfully, and to ensure impulse buying won’t hinder your long-term goals.

If you’re using ‘Shop now, pay later,’ for example, Campbell says to “factor your four installments into your budget before buying”.

“So if you’re buying something for $400, make sure you can afford $100 per fortnight. Ideally if you can pay it off early, do that. But if you realise you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Save up for the item in full and wait.”


Campbell adds: “Shop in a mindful way where you don’t feel the need to return back to the shop with this insatiable appetite to consume.”

3. Consider the second-hand economy.

Not only does considering the second-hand economy help your wallet, it also helps the environment.

Campbell says there are great consignment stores and websites, such as Trading In Style, that allow you to buy budget-friendly fashion.

“You can buy zero-waste fashion, which is great for the environment,” Campbell explains. “It is so much more cost effective, and it also means that seller is getting money back that they can use in their own world.”

4. Keep it simple.

Campbell’s next tip is to simply, keep it simple.

“I think people really run into danger when they are using various different ‘shop now, pay later’ providers.

“Just use one service provider and stick to them.”

5. Prioritise your goals.

Lastly, Campbell says you should always align your spending with your goals.

“When you do purchase something, purchase it around prioritising your goals.”

Whether that’s spending money on books to educate yourself or buying second-hand clothes to mitigate waste, prioritising your goals is another way to ensure mindful spending.

“I recommend making sure that you’ve got your finance in check with your lifestyle goals before going out and consuming.”

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