"Don't get a credit card." 18 pieces of money advice women would give their younger selves.

The amalgamation of living expenses, rent and social life costs can leave many with a money headache.

Whether you’re in an entry-level job or have been in the workforce for a number of years, money tips are no doubt always welcome.

So, we asked 18 women what advice they would give their younger self about money.

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From the advice to never buy expensive champagne to one woman who thinks you should just “live your life,” here are 18 excellent nuggets of money wisdom to tuck away in your back pocket for the next time you might need them.

1. I would start saving earlier. Even if it was just a tiny amount per week or month. I didn’t really start properly saving until I was about 28.

2. Don’t ever get a credit card.

3. I saved, I saved very well. Had my first property at 23 and was pretty much stuck with it for years. So I would tell my younger self… SPEND IT. LIVE YOUR LIFE AND SPEND IT ALL. You can always buy property later.

4. Stop rolling your eyes when your mum tries to tell you about shares. They literally allow you to EARN money without doing anything! Your future self will thank you for entering the share market early.

5. Look into your super as soon as you start working and don’t automatically use what your employer uses.

6. Stay financially independent when you are in a relationship. Have your own savings account and be smart with saving, even when you’re in a couple. Because if the relationship ends, and you’ve got no savings, it’s so much harder to start again.


7. My husband and I have been high-income earners from quite a young age. We’ve had heaps of good memories, but on reflection some things I would have done differently. Direct debited $100 each week to super early to take advantage of compounding. Not bought that Range Rover because the electrical problems were expensive. Not had such an expensive wedding, because most people got so drunk they don’t remember that night. Otherwise, enjoy life but just make sure you are budgeting and saving for the long haul.

8. Stay at home as long as you can.

9. Open up a savings account that you can’t withdraw from and set up an automatic deposit of $10-$20 a week.

10. Work work work and save save save because when you have kids it’s hard.

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11. Don’t buy a brand new car, particularly on credit. It’s such a waste of money on interest and depreciation.

12. At 16, you don’t need to start collecting high heels. You are not Carrie Bradshaw. At 18, stop wasting money on alcohol and going out every weekend. In your 20s, you don’t need a new outfit for every occasion – you are not a Kardashian. Also, don’t ever try Veuve… it’s very expensive calories!

13. Don’t argue with your dad when he tells you to make extra super contributions straight up when you first graduate uni. I am well on my way to a very comfy retirement.

14. Just because your income goes up doesn’t mean you don’t have to budget and save for things.

15. Understand your finances and continue to have control and understanding after marriage.

16. Save up and pay cash for your first car. Put aside a minimum of 10 per cent of every pay.

17. Buy your first house as early as possible! If I was young again, I would focus on saving a deposit while still living at home then move into my house and have mates rent rooms. You still get the fun experience of living with your mates with the added benefit of them helping you pay your mortgage.

18. Stop spending money on stupid crap like fast fashion and cocktails your 20-year-old self can’t afford.

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