Can beauty influencers please stop eating blush?

There's a cool new beauty launch from cult brand Milk Makeup, which can only mean one thing. It's time for the beauty influencers to review it taste it.

If you can't understand why this is happening, it's fine because no one can. But let us try.

In case you haven't already seen it all over your feed, the new Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint Sheer Lip and Cheek Stain is here to give your lips and cheeks a pop of lasting colour. The product is absolutely everywhere on TikTok and yes; it does look a lot like a wobbly gummy treat.

On the Milk Makeup website, the brand describes the new product as "a sheer, jelly lip and cheek stain made with cooling seawater and aloe for a buildable, long-lasting watercolour effect."

Outlined in *literal* bold, a statement reads: "DISCLAIMER: This product is not edible. Do not eat."

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Video via Mamamia

There are four colours that make up the Milk Jelly Tint range — 'Chill - Red', 'Splash - Berry', 'Spritz - Coral' and 'Burst - Poppy Pink'

Here's what the viral (sold out) stain looks like:


To be fair, there's a helluva lot of food-related imagery in the marketing that kind of makes it look like it's good enough to eat. So.


Is it safe to eat? Probably not. Are the beauty influencers doing it anyway? Yes. Yes, they are.

Take TikTok creator @cakedbybabyk, for example. She went for the whole chew and swallow: 

@cakedbybabyk I know @milkmakeup said not to, but… I couldn’t resist. it actually tastes so good though???? #milkmakeup #jellytint #coolingwaterjellytint #itsjello #pleasedontactuallyeatthem ♬ original sound - karen | cakedbybabyk

Milk Makeup commented: "DO NOT LET THE INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS WIN 😭 Jelly Tints are not edible."

Karen (aka @cakedbybabyk) commented: "If not edible, why tasty?" to which the brand responded: "They aren’t tasty they’re a sheer and buildable burst of colour."

And look, we... we just.

Another TikTok creator by the name of @yourkoreanunni shared her taste test, writing in the caption, "How many of you had a mini heart attack…HAHA okay but do you guys blame me!? Why does it look so delicious?!"

Ma'm, pls.

@yourkoreanunni how many of you had a mini heart attack…HAHA okay but do you guys blame me!? Why does it look so delicious?! #makeupreview #blush #liptint #makeuptutorial ♬ original sound - Soo Youn Lee

While some beauty influencers rate the taste of the viral jelly blush, others are just as confused as we are. 


Beauty influencer @implusivesabrina had a nibble and caption her post: "Self explanatory… but why are there so many influencers biting this?!"

@impulsivesabrina Self explanatory… but why are there so many influencers biting this?! #milkmakeup #jellyblush #asmr ♬ nintendo wii (mii channel) song - julie on the internet

Hard to say.

But if you search 'Eating Milk Jelly Blush' on TikTok, there's approximately eleven million more videos of people eating the blush. Which is ultimately concerning, but here we are.

Taste tests aside, the new Milk Makeup blush formulas do look pretty amazing on the skin and look like they almost have a similar vibe to Benefit Cosmetics cult BeneTint product. It's a stain that you can also use on both your cheeks and lips. It also looks like it dries fairly quick (you gotta blend fast!), and appear to be one of those products that'll last the distance.

While it's not available in Australia just yet (we can hear your tummy growling from here, sweetie) the viral product should be hitting Sephora Australia soon. In terms of the price, it's currently $24 USD in Sephora US — which is around $36 in AUD. 

So there you have it!

Until then, we'll just be over here, waiting for Milk Makeup to drop a new edible makeup range. 

Have you seen the Milk Makeup jelly blush sticks doing the rounds on your social media? Would you try them? Would you... eat them?! Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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Feature image: TikTok/@yourkoreanunni, @cakedbybabyk@imhannahcho.

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