We reviewed 8 multi-purpose makeup products - and here's the verdict.

The Glow team wearing multi-purpose makeup. 

When did makeup become so… complicated? I’m all for getting glammed up, but sometimes I feel like I’ll just die if I have to blend three different shades of eyeshadow before I’ve even had my breakfast.

That’s why multipurpose makeup products — colour cosmetics that can be used simultaneously on the lips, cheeks and eyelids — have been my best friend lately. Have you ever been in a rush and used the same lipstick on your lips and cheeks? That’s what a multipurpose product does, only it’s specifically designed for multiple areas of the face.

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These Swiss army knives of beauty are especially handy when you don’t want to carry heaps of makeup around with you, like on an overseas trip. Also, if you want your makeup to be low-maintenance and fast, then a multipurpose makeup product is for you.

So, we’ve done all the hard work for you, in reviewing the best multipurpose products. My biggest tip? Choose a colour and texture which best suits your lips, rather than your cheeks, and it’s best to go for a brighter colour, rather than pale.

e.l.f. Essentials All Over Color Stick, $3.00 for 4g

e.l.f. (which stands for “eyes, lips and face”) is the cult US beauty brand which has recently arrived on our shores, and in Kmart, no less. Beauty bloggers love this brand, because it’s super cheap, but also super effective.

Carla wears e.l.f. Essentials All Over Color Stick in “Pink Lemonade”. Source: Supplied.


"The e.l.f. Essentials All Over Color Stick does not disappoint. It’s a solid, small stick of shimmery pink, in a cream formula, which blends beautifully to create a natural flush, capturing the light just so. It smells like a delightful tropical holiday, and coincidentally, I also bring this little baby with me on beach vacations. The solid cream formula really adheres to the cheeks, even in hot, sultry weather. But, you don’t need to go anywhere exotic – it’s so quick and easy to use that I also smear it on for my lazy days at home. The colour is a little too light to use on my lips, however, it can add a pretty, punky colour to my eyelids."- Carla. (Post continues after gallery.)


NARS The Multiple, $56 for 14g.

This is the ultimate multi-tasking product, because it can be used not just on the face, but the body too. Fancy a glistening clavicle, or toned arms on an evening out? Look no further than this iconic, high-end product. 

Brittany wears NARS The Multiple in “Copacabana”. Source: Supplied.


"Is it possible to fall instantly in love with a beauty product? After using this, I think so. It's a beautiful, slightly sheer pearlescent texture that is perfect for pale skin. I'd steer clear of using it on my lips (unless I wanted to rock a frosted/sparkly 90’s look) but it works wonders on my cupids bow, eyelids for some shimmer and as a cheek highlighter. I found myself trying to angle my face to catch the light just so I could watch it sparkle. A real winner." - Brittany.

Edwina wears NARS The Multiple in “Orgasm”. Source: Supplied.


"I’m one of those people who likes to cart around a few various beauty products with me at any one time. In my bag right now is one bottle of perfume, a powder compact, a tube of mascara and about three lip balms.


"The only new product welcome into this mess is one that’s hardworking. Enter cult beauty product NARS The Multiple, in Orgasm. There’s a reason it’s loved by beauty diehards everywhere, it’s a shade of blush that looks extremely natural and has a glow to it - and not one that makes you look shiny. I applied it by swiping my brush over the top, then onto the apples of my cheeks.

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"To see if it could go the distance, I decided to give it a try it on my lips and eyelids. Lips didn’t go so well. Naturally I have very dark lips, so a light colour really clashes. But a swipe of this finished off with a sheer lipgloss could give your lips a nice subtle colour.

"Eyelids were a little more achievable, but I could only use a teeny, tiny, minuscule amount - just enough to give them a little glow. While I think my cheekbones will be hogging all of this product in future, it’s definitely earned a spot in my bag. Right next to my dozens of lip balms." - Eddie.

Models Prefer Colour Infusion Lip and Cheek Gel Tint, $12.99 for 7ml, and Cream Blush Stick, $10.99 for 10.7g.

Priceline’s house brand, Models Prefer, has been one of my favourite cheap finds this year. The two products I’ve tried from them – the Infinite Colour Eye Pencil and the Colour Infusion Lip and Cheek Gel Tint – can rival the big brands in terms of quality.

Lizzie wears Models Prefer Cream Blush Stick in "Love". Image: Supplied.


"This product is quite thick but it has a shine to it, and looks fresh once you have blended it. You only need a dab, because the colour is quite vibrant. It stayed on most of the day. I would really recommend it for a cheek stain, but it is a little thick for my liking on the lips (but I do prefer lighter, glossy lips), but you could always put a coat of lip balm over the top. I love the colour." - Lizzie.

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Brittany wears Models Prefer Colour Infusion Lip and Cheek Gel Tint in "Sugar High". Source: Supplied.


"The colour is much brighter than I expected for the gel texture, and looks intimidatingly vibrant when I squeeze it on my hand to apply. Because of its pink colour, I wouldn't wear it on my eyelids for fear of looking ill, but think it's a great colour for lips and cheeks. The only problem with this product is knowing how much to apply. It takes a steady buildup to reproduce the bright colour on the lips, but only a little is needed to add complementary colour to the cheeks. Some may not be a fan of the matchy-matchy lips and cheeks trend, but I think it's fresh, wearable and definitely a product worth adding to your makeup bag." - Brittany.


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Stila Convertible Colour, $36.00 for 4.25g.

The Stila Convertible Colour compact was the must-have beauty product of any 90’s girl in the know. It’s been around for a long time, and it’s definitely been a good time. I grab this product when I want to look fresh and pretty in a hurry.

Kahla wears Stila Convertible Colour in Lillium. Source: Supplied.


"I loved this product as a cream blush, which is refreshing because blush is like my makeup blind spot - I just don't understand it. This product was easy to apply, not too sticky, and blended nicely into my cheeks. I definitely recommend it if you're in the market for a blush.

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"I am always dubious about "2 in 1!" product claims, so I wasn't overly surprised to find this little beauty didn't work on both my cheeks AND lips. As the owner of an extremely pale complexion, light lip colours can wash me out quite severely, and this one did. Within five minutes I couldn't help myself — my red lipstick was back in action." - Kahla.


The Benefit Benetint range, $55 for 12.5ml

The Benetint range of multipurpose lip and cheek stains were famously created in the 1970s to make strippers’ nipples more pink. All I can say to that is: if you’ve ever been heavily pregnant, you would know that you’d need a whole bottle per nipple to achieve that, know what I’m saying? They get huge!

Nipples aside, the Benetint range is loved by the beauty crowd, as it delivers a luxurious, sheer wash of colour which truly doesn’t budge. Starting with the original Benetint – a feminine, rose pink – the range has since expanded into a range of colours, such as Posietint (pink), Chachatint (mango) and Lollitint (mauve).

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It looks like a little bottle of nail polish, and applies in the same way – from a tiny brush.

Lizzie wears Benefit Benetint. Source: Supplied.


"Benetint is light in texture and rich in colour, and is really easy to swipe on and then blend, and looks dewy and fresh on my skin. It is a stain, so you do have to blend it quickly to make sure it goes where you want it to. I really like this colour as it worked well with my medium toned skin. I applied it to the apples of my cheeks and my also my lips, and it stayed put all day. I usually don’t fall in love with products straight away, but this one has my heart." - Lizzie.

Carla wears Benefit Lollitint. Source: Supplied.


"Lollitint would make a great gift, as it comes in a gorgeous little box, and the bottle itself is a jazzy, metallic pink. I must admit, though, that I had my doubts about the colour. On the brush, it was an opaque, light mauve, which seemed strange for a lip and cheek product. Once applied, though, the colour mellowed to a dusty pink, which was flattering on my cheeks and lips. The colour was punchier and better suited to me compared to Benetint, which I also own. Lollitint stayed all day on my cheeks, which is perfect for my busy lifestyle as a mum." - Carla.

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Do you have a multipurpose product recommendation? We'd love to hear it!