'I found the perfect formula for knowing whether you can bring a date to an event.'

Do you have that one friend who no matter what, if you plan to hang out with them, they'll always ask: Can I bring my partner

Or... Are you that friend who always asks if your partner can come along when you get an invitation to an event?

Either way, I have the perfect solution for both of you. 

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Video via Mamamia.

Tiktoker bran_flakezz has gone viral after posting a video showing exactly which social situations you can ask to bring your partner to (if you want to bring them of course). 

@bran__flakezz Replying to @sarah the classic tale of can my boyfriend come #relatable #dating #friendship ♬ Suspense - Gold-Tiger

In the video, Bran breaks down the answer visually into four quadrants and says that the answer to the question is based on two things - How formal the plans are and how intimate they are. 

If it's a casual but intimate hang-out: Don't ask if you can bring your partner. Your friend just wanted one-on-one with you. Whether that be brunch, going for drinks or a little stroll. Bran says, "Just because you're dating them, doesn't mean I have to."


If it's a casual but large group hang-out: Bran says it's a reluctant yes. Just make sure you're not labelled as the person who has to bring their partner everywhere they go. 

If it's a large group but a formal event such as someone's birthday party: Bran says you don't even have to ask. 

And if it's an intimate formal event: It's dependent on the event. If it's a small intimate birthday and the birthday person isn't even bringing their partner... then no. However, if it's a small housewarming, just ask... they'll probably say yes. 

Bran acknowledged that this video would probably cause some controversy and... it did. 

The TikTok has now amassed over three million views with over a thousand comments from people giving their own two cents.

Comments such as: "If I have piping hot tea and he’s not going to get excited to listen and contribute, I’m sorry you need to leave him at home." And "Add an axis for 'Can your BF actually interact in the situation or will he just sit there and drain the energy,'" Have gained over 13k and 50k likes, respectively. 

Personally, my answer to this question is... If I wanted your partner there, I would ask you to bring them. 

The fact that you even have to ask me should be an indication that they're not invited. I want to hang out with you, I want to chat with you, I want to giggle and drink and make memories with you. 


If we were going to invite someone else, we'd ask another friend we share, not your partner whom I've said two words to and will probably forget about in a few years. 

I do however have rules when it comes to bringing partners to big events that I'll be funding myself like a birthday...

1. Similar to my rule above, I'll invite your partner if I want them there. 

2. I have to have some sort of friendship with them that isn't influenced by your relationship. If I wouldn't hang out with them if you weren't in a relationship with them, then I don't want them at my event. 

3. If they've personally invited me to one of their events, I would invite them to mine.  

4. If you've been with them for more than 10 years then they can come. There have been way too many birthdays where I have photos of people who I'll never see again and I don't want a repeat of that. 

I understand that people want to introduce their partners to their friends and there definitely are events where those relationships can develop... Just don't do it on my time.

What do you think about bringing partners to events? Tell us in the comments section below.

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