"I just received this wedding invitation and I'm furious."

As you go through life, you will experience waves of milestones and the events that come with it. I’m currently in the sweet stage of my life where my social and family circles are in the wave of all-things-baby and weddings.

I do love going to weddings because what’s not to love about it? Getting all styled up, taking tonnes of photos and humble-bragging about it on social media #goodfood #goodtimes #blessed #truelove #celebratinglove – it’s all so joyous etc. You get me, right?

So when my partner’s cousin (let’s call her Emily) got engaged, I was so happy for her and I started looking for my outfit a good six months out because I was properly excited for Emily and the big day! And even though we live in the same city, we received the invitation via traditional snail mail and everything. So fancy and I felt bad that she spent money to mail the invite, we would have been happy to just pop over to her house to pick it up.

It (the invitation) arrived in a padded postie envelope – because, protection. Inside it was a pearly white envelope was embossed with the couple’s initials and their names glossed over it with the gleaming silver fancy font with lots of curls – standard wedding invitation stuff. SQUEE! Then I saw my name on the fancily printed sticker.



It wasn't something small that I could forgive, like a typo, another spelling version of a common name (e.g. Ashley versus Ashleigh) or any other excuses. My name was hugely misspelled.

  • It was missing a letter - a key vowel at that - makes the main sound in my name
  • A rogue vowel which was corrected with a ballpoint pen to an actual letter that exists in my name
  • Lastly, they added an extra 'silent' letter


To me, this is one of the highest forms of disrespect. But before you slap me over the head and tell me to pull my act together and that I should be grateful to be part of their special day, let me explain.

Listen: Sarah Harris knows this feeling all too well. She was papped in her wedding dress before her big day. (Post continues.)

I have a very ethnic background and a name that goes right with it, a very unique name that is even uncommon in my own culture. And Emily is of the same culture, this is why the spelling error peeved me off so much.

My blood was boiling and I had a mini-rage by myself like a crazy person but furthermore:

  • Anyone in our culture would know how to spell my name based on how it sounds (if she even tried, egh.)
  • Emily has me on social media where the correct and exact spelling is right there.
  • She corrected one letter with a pen, so she would have to be checking it against something one would think (so easy to check, see above point. Not for Emily though).
  • Before sending the invite Emily had messaged me asking for my address, in which I included my full name along with it

In this day and age of technology, there is absolutely no excuse to get a person's name wrong, and she had plenty of checkpoints along the way.

Am I a 'Guestzilla'?

If you have a horror wedding experience to share, you can do so anonymously by emailing [email protected]