How Busy Philipps schooled an Instagram troll with impeccable sass.

What’s worse than an internet troll? An internet troll with poor grammar skills. And American actress Busy Philipps agrees.

The I Feel Pretty actress and mum of two, whose Instagram feed is a treasure trove of fitspo posts and cool mum realness, posted a post-workout pic in leggings and a crop top yesterday, with a caption relating to an initiative called the “Awesome Challenge” which donates clothing to children in need. Awesome, right?

Well, because some people on the internet absolutely suck, one user decided to use the post as a platform to body shame.

“Ughhhhh, you’re rolls are showing,” the user wrote.

But Busy shut the troll down in an instant.


“I feel like a man of your age should know the difference between your and you’re,” she quipped. “Your is possessive, as in, ‘Your rolls are showing.’ (Get it? The rolls belong to me.)”

Philipps continued: “You’re is an abbreviation for you are, as in, ‘You’re clearly an asshole body-shaming loser.'”

Philipps’ fans jumped to her defence, also taking aim at the user’s poor grammar skills: “I cannot stand a guy who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re,” one wrote.

Another said:

“What effin’ rolls?” she wrote, “Busy looks great! Forget the ‘rolls’…your troll is showing.”

Go home trolls, the internet is full.