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m.b.20 April 5, 2022

Every single year of my teaching career,  I have to explain that it is not a joke symbol,  not something to graffiti on each other's pencil cases because it's funny.  It's abhorrent and only ramps up after we study the Holocaust. There is something seriously wrong with our teen (boys,  have never had to tell a girl not to use it any form)

m.b.20 March 30, 2022

My 4 year olds paediatrician said she was obese based on her BMI. She is in the size below all her friends, you can see her ribs and spine. She has a medical condition where her bones are extremely thick and heavy, as well as low tone. BMI doesn't take anything into account about the child.

m.b.20 March 27, 2022

The joke was completely off. But that's his shtick. He insults everybody. Nevermind the whole presenting gig over the last decade is basically roasting everyone there.

Assaulting someone for their words is not ok. The fact that it just kind of... kept going... makes the whole thing gross

m.b.20 January 18, 2022

So my 3 year old daughter with low muscle tone, global development delays,  historical failure to thrive,  and a skeletal dysplasia, on the BMI charts for kids is obese. The kid is at least a size smaller in her size than her peers and you can see all her ribs and hip bones in the morning. 

But she has the word obese in her medical history at 3. She's never going to escape that. 

m.b.20 January 4, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 because we still worked full time 3 hours away. More efficient to outsource.

Are you asking the author the same question as she said she got a cleaner in?

m.b.20 January 3, 2022

When we took over our place after a 90 day settlement, the old owners left the steak bone and dirty frying pan they'd cooked in the night before. We had to pay for a bond clean before we could move in.

m.b.20 December 14, 2021

She is in control of her body

They are my food issues,  not hers
5 minute quality engagements over 30 minutes where she knows I'm not engaged
You do a term/ full season if you sign up unless there's safety involved
Technology does not make us rude
Number 6 if that's allowed - answer the questions with facts at an age appropriate level

m.b.20 October 6, 2021

As a morbidly obese teen and early 20 year old through the early years, I never had such an issue with the American trainers. They felt empathetic and caring while the Australians felt nasty and out to 'get' the contestants

m.b.20 August 4, 2021

My daughter has one every night with an odd night off. She has one with her dad to wind down and spend some time with him before bed. But sandpits, bike riding, slides and swings, chasing cows,  fencing,  playing in the dam means she needs one most nights

m.b.20 April 23, 2021

I have tried to read Boy Swallows Universe so many times and I get to around page 5 and can't do it.

My favourite books ever are:
A Fault in Our Stars
Les Miserables
The Kite Runner
The Magicians Nephew and The Last Battle

And I'm sure there are others I can't think of.

m.b.20 April 10, 2021

So pesca-pollo vegetarian then?

m.b.20 April 6, 2021

I agree about the side characters  and even. Jonah. But Amy is a horrible human being. 

In saying that maybe if I hadn't watched the 5 seasons on Netflix in 2 weeks she wouldn't have annoyed me.

m.b.20 February 25, 2021

I also lost my virginity not by choice. Stayed with him for another year and then moved to Europe to escape. The way I live with it, and it happened more than 20 years ago, is to call it non-consensual sex. And even 20 years later my now loving very considerate husband is still suffering from that dude's choices.

m.b.20 February 18, 2021

I got an eye roll yesterday when I was asked by my almost 40 year old husband if the dishwasher was clean and I replied with, 'it's pretty easy to tell if you look at the cutlery'

m.b.20 December 28, 2020

This is emotional abuse. He's old enough to be alone. Be honest, it's not working for you and you need to make alternative arrangements. If he wants to keep the house you move. Take the kids if you need but if you want them to stay at the house then you should organise a schedule when you and then when he live elsewhere.

m.b.20 December 13, 2020

While I love the Netflix series of unfortunate events it's only 3 seasons long too so they mashed it together as well 

m.b.20 December 6, 2020

Ok most of these are hey that's surprising.

Kristen Dunst is literally a lead in Jumanji

m.b.20 November 29, 2020

@kathp I would have to say the majority of Christians I know are aware that the Bible is a product of its time and that it can, and should, be interpreted in a way that moves with the times. It's controversial because he is fundamentalist and fundamentalism in Christianity is seen as 'kooky' and 'funny' but fundamentalists in other religions are seen as scary.  I watch TV such as the duggars and they are also billed as being weird, but they're actually really scary. 

Christian beliefs and understanding of the world changes all the time. Would you like to go back to before the reformation? I want my friends who hold a God in their hearts to be able to reconcile the social progress with their love of their God. And by looking at the bible as the text and that it can't be changed means that this would not be possible.

If you would like to rely on the bible, I'll have to refer to the oft cited Leviticus which also instructs people not to mix materials in their clothes, that anything a woman touches during her menses is unclean (even if the blood doesn't come into contact with it), no one should eat hare or pig, sets out tithing,  and lots of rules about leprosy.  Should they be read literally in 2020?

m.b.20 November 10, 2020

What on Earth? Why would anyone think asking other parents to take their kids out of their school is even remotely acceptable?? 

m.b.20 November 9, 2020

@random dude it's becoming more and more common to not set it.

I will clarify that sometimes I ask them to finish up something, or do assignment work, or watch a TV show that relates to what we're studying.