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m.b.20 September 27, 2020

I am obese. And I always have been.

I'm petrified of my daughter going through life like me.

She has a condition where she has both low tone so can't support herself in your arms, and thick and heavy bones. She weighs as much as the next clothes size up says, but is small on the height chart.

I'm so guilty that I've lumbered her with the abuse people gave and give me.

m.b.20 September 24, 2020

But I want to know how they worked out the points? Some things are like nothing and worth lots of points and some are illegal and worth very little.

m.b.20 August 16, 2020

I need to know why she was getting a salivary gland out? Is she sick?

m.b.20 August 14, 2020

@Brielle Burns that's great but there's no acknowledgement? Normally you acknowledge. 

m.b.20 August 10, 2020

Are you going to acknowledge this is one of his Facebook posts?

meg November 30, 2019

And then there's the horrible version where you can steal gifts...

meg October 25, 2019

My ex had sex without my consent with me to take my virginity. Months of just lying there without wanting it followed. That was 1999. I'm happily married with a lovely daughter now. But I still freak out and my husband gets substantially less sex than he wants because I still have ptsd like reactions at times.

meg September 15, 2019

My 20 month old gets baby food pouches emptied into a bento box for daycare. It's ludicrous that I feel embarrassed if I send a package and pouch. But hey, I know with a pouch she'll eat it and it's a balanced meal.

meg July 3, 2019

I think everyone's missing the point. Gleeson's entire shtick is sarcasm, denigrating others and putting institutions down.

He also showed quite a bit of gratitude towards the end; especially to the Hard Quiz team and contestants.

meg March 30, 2019

Good gravy, aren't you judgemental?

meg February 2, 2019

Like ever. It's ok for them to say they don't want your kids there, but it's also ok for you to say well we're a package deal so we'll have to meet elsewhere.

meg February 2, 2019

100%. I am so lucky that my mumma friends just accepted me as a much loved aunt and included me in everything. I did eventually join the tribe of mums, but I never felt like they thought I wasn't involved with their kiddos.

Although the 'you can't know what this tired is' happened until I reminded them I went on school camps with 100 coed teenagers. Then we agreed we have different ways of experiencing that exhaustion but it's there...

meg February 1, 2019

Respect their wishes. Don't go there.

meg January 18, 2019

Thank you!! I've been privy to so many conversations about him being sexy and loving. No. No he's f****** not.

Penn Badgeley is even creeped out by it if you look at what he's saying on Twitter.

meg January 18, 2019

My epidural failed and then they tried 6 more times but couldn't get it in. Such pain.

meg January 14, 2019

Setting booklists takes hours. Just buy what the teacher wants them to have.

meg December 17, 2018

I think I'd face not eating for a year to be as 'chubby' as her....

meg October 9, 2018

As someone who feels sick scared and tired whenever sport and betting are involved, I'd just love to keep it out of our art spaces.

meg October 1, 2018

The majority of the professionals we've seen with my delayed daughter don't believe tongue ties impact everything so the speechie probably knew it was there but never bothered mentioning it.

meg August 28, 2018

And this is why this article is important. You are doing nothing but shaming here. There might be benefits but for any reason - including choice - a surviving thriving and nourished baby is better than one living in a hell that is breastfeeding without ease or desire.

If a dr is telling her to keep her baby starving until the motilium might kick in, they're advocating neglect. But it's ok people on the net and without knowing the situation know better.

That is what the breast is best slogan and fetishisation of breast feeding at all costs does. Causes neglect and infants who aren't thriving.

It doesn't matter if breast milk is not what a bub is given. I don't care what nutritionally sound evidence there is - there is no need to put women babies and their families through the absolute hell that is often gone through before formula is finally chosen.

Oh and because I know it'll come back on me yes yes it's nutritionally better. Everyone knows that. It's all everyone is told. A dr needs to care for the dyad and you shouldn't ignore the mental health issues that breast is best causes.

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