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m.b.20 June 5, 2024

Incredibly lucky that my husband is not remotely abusive, but he turns into something angry and shouty for these four games.  It's not scary but it's so frustrating to see the emotion that is about this stupid game.

I can't imagine what it would be like with a man who was actually abusive.

m.b.20 April 5, 2024

@mamamia-user-482898552 certainly no one would have donated money to her

m.b.20 March 29, 2024

I don't know how you live the life of fame and being the 'hard man' and acting violent all the time and don't have that spill over into your own behaviour. 

m.b.20 February 21, 2024

1 dance recital over every single weekend.  That's one reason he goes to the dance things. 

It sucks for everyone but I completely understand not going every week.  I'd be angry if it was my kid but I do get it

m.b.20 January 10, 2024

15 years ago I was bridesmaid and the dresses were custom made. I didn't fit the sizes that the guy did ordinarily. He refused to do mine after he'd already done the others

The bride was fine, we'll buy the material off you and we'll make it ourselves. It'll look better and we will publish all over the internet how rude and unprofessional you are.

He made my dress

m.b.20 January 5, 2024

I was on A*Mazing!!

m.b.20 December 30, 2023

I can forgive 90% of this because its the way earning a living on social media works unfortunately.

Showing their kids' faces is horrible to me and makes me feel icky. Home-schooling as a rule is weird and I think wrong, especially for their reasons 

But to only have his name on the deed? Unforgivable. 

m.b.20 December 25, 2023

I'm planning on spending 3 months in Europe in 2028 all going well with my then 10yo. Husband said he has no interest and will come for a fortnight. 

Ok dude, but know we will enjoy it anyway!!

m.b.20 December 20, 2023

Whatever regarding this - just saw it when the rooster hit twitter this week. 

But why are we pretending 300 acres is a large farm? It's a hobby farm at best.  Anyone with any connection to farming would assume they had other income. 

m.b.20 December 13, 2023

Why have we all collectively forgotten FenFen which literally killed people?

m.b.20 October 24, 2023

I think she was quite balanced in her book. 

And the episode where Michelle dropped the contract off in the middle of the night - I was so hopeful that it was her standing up for her daughter. I doubt it was, but I was so hopeful.

m.b.20 September 26, 2023

You are not the only one,  I promise. It's so hard engaging with them all the time. I decided 7 minute bursts of undivided attention. Doesn't need to be what they want 

I'll change the game to something I like/ can play.  7 minutes doesn't take all my spoons. And I'll do that multiple times a day.

Go easy on yourself

m.b.20 September 16, 2023

I don't give Kunis a pass, she's an adult. But her relationships with these men go back to when she was 14. Her current husband was her first kiss under lights. Masterston was there and part of that relationship. The power imbalance between her and these men has been there forever and the way her adulthood has been constructed was through these two and Vilderama. Her upbringing is idolising and following these men

m.b.20 September 12, 2023

But gentle parenting doesn't mean no boundaries. It doesn't mean that if things need to be done now, you don't do it.

'I can see you're angry and it wasn't my intention make you mad. But we need to get in the car now, so you can walk or I can carry you'

m.b.20 September 12, 2023

I'm gonna say that there is always abuse in these families that monetise their children. It's exploitation even if they are safe and loved.

m.b.20 September 8, 2023

I have moved towns at 40 and am so lonely. It's not only my incredible doubt of myself, and my feeling of needing to lessen myself for others, but also where do you FIND people? 

I'm sorry you're struggling, but thanking you for writing this as I needed to know it wasn't just me today. Thank you

m.b.20 August 21, 2023

@rush maybe different states?

m.b.20 August 19, 2023

Charities can't accept prams, cots, car seats etc anyway. 

m.b.20 July 26, 2023

The biggest thing I struggle with, living 4 hours away is where do I get buried eventually? With my husband or with my Mum. 

m.b.20 July 23, 2023

We had a party because 

1. We didn't think she'd have many due to a condition she has. Looks like it's resolved thankfully. 
2. We kept her alive for 12 months and wanted to celebrate ourselves doing that
3. I was incredibly lonely so invited a heap of kids to make connections with other parents.  Didn't work. 
4. The party is for the adults not the kids.