Millennials brace yourselves: the bubble skirt is back.

Gather round, because we need to talk about something serious, brace yourselves... the bubble hem is back. 

Yes, you heard me right. That poufy, bubbly, love-it-or-hate-it trend from back in the day has resurfaced. 

And if you're anything like me, you're probably scratching your head wondering who the hell let this happen…

This trend has been simmering in the background for a while now, slowly gaining momentum and now it’s on full throttle. I mean, seriously, wasn't this supposed to stay buried in the fashion graveyard alongside low-rise jeans and bedazzled everything? Apparently not. 

Leave it to Gen Z to resurrect yet another blast from the past. 

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But before you start raiding your wardrobe for your old bubble hem pieces, hear me out because I've got some thoughts...

As much as I want to resist the urge to embrace this trend, I can't help but acknowledge its undeniable comeback. After all, my mum insists the bubble hem was all the rage in the '80s too (though I'll admit, my memory of that era is a bit fuzzy, being born in the '80s myself). 


But one thing I do vividly recall is the one and only material girl herself, Madonna, rocking this style like nobody's business.

Personally, my memories of the bubble hem transport me back to my uni days in the early 2000s, where I owned a bubble hem dress that was basically a psychedelic explosion. Ah, the joys of youth and questionable fashion choices.

And speaking of memories, thank goodness the only evidence of this is safely tucked away in my old MySpace account — password protected, of course. A mystery, just like the whereabouts of Tom. 

But hey, as a personal stylist, I've learned to approach fashion with an open mind (and a healthy dose of humour). After all, fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself, even if it means revisiting trends we thought were safely locked away in the past.

So, here we are, witnessing the triumphant return of the bubble hem to the fashion scene. And dare I say, it's making a slightly more sophisticated entrance this time around. Picture bubble hem minis taking centre stage along with dresses and skirts. Neutrals like cream and black are reigning supreme, alongside the timeless appeal of two-tone combinations.

From the streets to the runways, we're seeing mini bubble hem dresses paired with stockings, layered with jackets, and styled with ballet flats for that effortlessly chic vibe. And while neutrals like black, white, and cream are leading the charge, there's still room for a pop of colour or a bold print if you're feeling adventurous.

Now, let's talk honestly: minis aren't really my thing. But hey, I can still admire the look on others. If you're nodding along because you also prefer a bit more coverage, don't worry, I've dropped a variety of options below.

And to my fellow curvy queens, let's be real, the selection is a bit sparse, especially in Australia.

So, whether you're a die-hard fan of the bubble hem or still on the fence, let's take a look at some styles that are currently around.

DISSH Stevie black and stone mini dress, $149.99. 

Image: DISSH.


Image: Showpo.


MESHKI Fran Ruched Cotton Mini Dress in White, $103.

Image: MESHKI.

Windsor Store Love Game Plunge V-Neck Bubble Skater Dress, $97.

Image: Windsor Store.


Shona Joy Vento bustier bubble midi dress, $440.

Image: Shona Joy.

Oh Polly Fabiola Lace-Up Bubble Hem Corset Mini Dress in Soft Pink, $145.

Image: Oh Polly.

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Feature Image: @ninasandbech / @valerie.kei.

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