Britney Spears had an on-stage wardrobe malfunction and handled it like a total boss.

Every 90s kid’s idol, Britney Spears, is officially back, and she kicked off the first show of her 2018 Piece of Me tour with a perfectly handled wardrobe malfunction in Maryland.

When 36-year-old Britney was singing Do Somethin she #freedthenipple after adjusting her costume which had moved out of place due to her impressive dance routine, reports The Sun.

britney spears tour
"She kicked off the first show of her 2018 Piece of Me tour with a perfectly handled wardrobe malfunction." Image: Getty.

At this point we should acknowledge that if any of us were to dance as impressively as Britney in that outfit, we would also experience a 'nip slip', but we probably would not handle it as well as she continued to.


Someone close to the front of the stage captured the moment in real time, and like a total boss, the footage shows Britney embracing the nip instead of fixing her costume.

britney spears malfunction
With moves as impressive as these, who wouldn't have a wardrobe malfunction? Image: YouTube

Yes that's right, she did not run off the stage like we all do in our nightmares, she just finished the damn song like nothing happened, because an exposed nipple certainly wouldn't change a man's performance.

The video has since been deleted from YouTube, but her fierce attitude will never be forgotten.


Britney's Piece of Me tour is the pop icon's ninth, and it's her first travelling tour since she finished her residency in Las Vegas last year. Her tour will take her around America, and Europe, but unfortunately this time she won't be making it to Australia.

And one thing's for sure, Britney is back.

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