"Just start SAVING!" A bride sent her bridesmaids a list of demands. No one... replied.


Brides and grooms have a unique tendency to never disappoint. With their outrageous demands, that is.

A bride, let’s call her Trish, has listed the financial expenses she and her husband-to-be expect her bridesmaids to spend on their wedding.

Not only is she demanding her nine (yes, NINE) bridesmaids to pay for their “wedding shower”, but also their bespoke bikinis and robes, an overseas trip for her bachelorette party (anywhere that requires a passport, she specifies), and their $850 dress each.

The Mamamia team confess: The worst request I received as a bridesmaid. Post continues after video.

Posting in a wedding group, a woman shared the texts received by Trish and it quickly caught the attention of Facebook users, for the sheer cost the bridesmaids are expected to spend

“I want you all to start thinking about saving. I think it would be great if we can start a money pot for things that we will need to start ordering since things will be ordered in bulk for 93 per cent of the time,” the woman began her lengthy message to her nine bridesmaids. “Some may oppose, some may think it’s a good idea so that they don’t spend something their [sic] saving. I’ll leave that up to you. In my opinion if we are travelling I think it would best to [have] a money pot for that.”

bridesmaid expenses
Image: Facebook.

Trish goes on to list, and explain, the expenses needed for the "money pot".

"I want to leave on a plane for the bachelorette party. Don't care where I go but I want it to require a passport! Some of the ladies have suggested a few places like Jamaica, Spain, Costa Rica so start thinking of places so we can make a decision."

bridesmaid expenses
Image: Facebook.

"I want to do custom bathing suits as well for the trip (you know typical vibes lol ) I also want to do custom robs [sic] for the special day," she added.

"[partner] and I have decided to do a wedding shower so that cost will be split amongst 20 people both the guys & the girls.

She continued: "As for the bridesmaid dresses it looks like the price will run everyone between $700-$850."


"The designer will need a deposit so put $100.00 aside like now so when I come to you in June you'll be ready."

The bride-to-be finished on a little happier note, telling her bridesmaids: "I want to say thank you for being a part of this journey with me. I am scared but I am happy I [sic] marrying my best friend. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to text me directly. Only want this group chat for information purposes."

Worrying she hadn't emphasised enough, Trish added one last time: "Just start SAVING!!!!!!!!"

bridesmaid expenses
Image: Facebook.

In the Facebook group, the woman revealed that out of the nine bridesmaids, no one responded to the group message. Which could make for an awkward wedding.

"Wait a minute... why does the bridal party pay for everything? Why the wedding shower? What TF is a wedding shower???" wrote one woman under the post.

"That’s a lot to ask of anybody, and the dress cost is outrageous," said one person.

"Umm, no. I'd drop out lol. $700-850 for a dress/any wedding that isn't my own? BYE, FELICIA," added another.

We tried, but couldn't find a single comment who thought the bride's demands were reasonable. Because they're... not.


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