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Ange told her dad she's engaged. His extraordinary reaction has broken Australia's heart.

There were an awful lot of messed up statements made during the first episode of Channel 7’s Bride and Prejudice, but one has stood out more than the others.

John had just been told that his daughter Ange had proposed to her girlfriend Dylan and they were planning to get married – something the strict Christian considered an “abomination”.

Their chat about the 23-year-old’s sexuality managed to contain every prejudiced cliche of the ignorant: that had Ange’s mother been alive she might have turned out straight, that sexuality is something that can be taught or learned, and that gay couples can’t have children.


It was on the subject of children that John made his most offensive comment.

“What if I don’t want kids at all?” Ange said to her dad.

Her father angrily replied: “Well that’s a good thing because you won’t f**k their heads up.”

Ange – along with viewers at home – was stunned her dad would want to hurt her with such a cruel remark.

“Wow, I can’t believe you just said that. I can’t believe those words just came out of your mouth, to my face,” she later said to the camera.

On social media, viewers shared their frustration.

One Facebook user pointed out that the Bible “also states those who preach and judge will be judged twice as harshly as those who don’t”.

“Good luck at judgement old man.”




Others were sympathetic to John and the generation he is a part of.


On Facebook, one person argued that a “father or mother can say what they feel” and shouldn’t feel the need to hide their feelings just because of that title of parent.

Another said: “It’s his daughter who loves him and he loves her and he lets a religion split them ….sad sad sad.”