When Megan shared her reverse "body transformation" photo, a disgraceful company stole it.

Let’s get one thing straight – Megan Jayne Crabbe loves her body.

In a post on Instagram, the body positive blogger wrote about how she discovered her image had been used online – without her knowledge or permission – to promote weight loss.

Megan’s post included two photos of her side-by-side, one taken a while ago, and the other of her now, and she said the advert flipped the photos around to turn it into a weight loss story.

Speaking honestly, Megan said she loves her newfound curves, and trying to make herself smaller ultimately made her “miserable”.

“Hitting the goal weight NEVER made me happy,” she wrote.


She went on to say that she has finally been able to “embrace my softness”.

Megan said she had no idea her images were being used online until her Instagram followers started sending them to her.

“Yep, the picture I posted to show that diet culture is bullsh*t, has been taken by the diet industry to sell their bullsh*t,” she wrote.

But Megan said she’s not angry about the incident, because it proves a point she’s been trying to make for a long time.

“Diet culture is a lie,” she continued.

“It’s a multi-billion dollar scam, and it’s the promise of happiness when you hit the ‘after’ picture that sells it.”

After having been varying sizes though, Megan said she now knows first-hand that no amount of weight loss “will make you happy”.

“No dress size will take away your self hatred. No calorie count will make you feel good enough. And NONE of it is worth losing yourself, your sanity, your happiness for,” she wrote.

“You are so much more than anything that can be counted, weighed, or measured.”

Megan finished by saying the only reason the diet industry feels the need to take people’s photos and put a spin on them is because they feel “SO threatened by body positivity”.

“We must be doing something right,” she concluded.