The solid theory that explains Johnny Depp's dramatic weight loss.

When photos were posted of actor Johnny Depp with fans at the Four Seasons hotel in St Petersburg, Russia, people could barely believe their eyes.

The 54-year-old seemed to have lost a considerable amount of weight and was looking noticeably gaunt.

Some fans began to worry that the Pirates of the Carribean and Fantastic Beasts star was under stress, or possibly ill.

Depp is currently on a tour with his rock tribute band the Hollywood Vampires.

“Is he good health wise?” commented one fan.

“It’s either stress or he real sick. I’m praying it’s for a movie,” said another.


However, eagle-eyed fans have a plausible, and more hopeful, explanation behind Depp’s transformation. And the evidence can be found on his IMDb page.

The actor is starring in an upcoming film called Richard Says Goodbye, in which Depp plays the protagonist, a college professor who is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

“He has a new role where he has cancer,” wrote a clued-in fan on an Instagram post.

“It’s really for a movie. He playing a terminally ill person.. he even shaved his eyebrows,” wrote another.


Despite this, others are blaming the initial photos for being misleading. One Twitter user said that having just seen him in concert, Depp didn’t look “thin” in person.

People agreed.