A 'blue full moon' is on its way and we can expect it to mess with all our emotions. Fun.


A full ‘blue moon’ is coming on Sunday, May 19 at 3am, and it’s going to hit your emotions hard.

Alas, despite the name, the colour of the moon will remain a pearly white and not… blue. In this case, it’s simply the term used to refer to the third moon in a season of four. But because the full moon is in Scorpio, we can expect it to dredge up the obsessive, intense and existential traits of the astrological sign.

Given that it’s going to be a big weekend packed with significant events – we have the federal election on Saturday night, Eurovision on Sunday and the Game of Thrones series finale on Monday – you better buckle up and buy some tissues now.

Team Mamamia confess, the things we wish we’d never said:

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To mentally prepare ourselves for the tumultuous days ahead, we spoke to Sydney astrologer, Pia Lehmann, of Soul Scapes, and her predictions were a bit bleak.

In fact, “it’s a suffering moon,” were her exact words. It’s set to especially impact people with water signs, like Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer.

“It’ll be very loaded with emotions and if you have any grief that will be intensified,” she said.

“Intense emotions can result in crying because… hello, it’s Scorpio.


“This is a deep, unhappy moon. It tends to be on the melancholic side, and every little thing will have the power to cause upset.”

In short, you can pretty much expect your weekend to look a little like this…


Or this.


And maybe a little of this.


According to Pia, the impact of Venus and Uranus could also signify the presence of “affairs, parting with a loved one, or eccentric love affairs,” and sudden money issues could also arise.

“This constellation is about big finance and sudden upsets,” she says. “[It’s currently Taurus season] which is all about possession and Scorpio cannot let go.”

However, while last month’s ‘pink full moon’ made our tempers flare, this Scorpio full moon will be different.

“You will not have fights, you would rather cry or be withdrawn,” says Pia.

However, if you choose to confront and conquer your emotions, you could be rewarded for your efforts.

“You can find a lot of therapist and healers with this moon. On a positive note, it is into healing,” she says.

You just have to get over the teary outbursts first.

Good luck, comrades. we’ll see you on the flip side.