Been especially anxious lately? Taurus season 2019 is about to change everything.


Fresh from April 19’s rather… terse ‘pink full moon,’ Taurus season is here to cool the vibrant and chaotic energy of Aries season, and remind us all to slow down and smell the roses.

Sydney-based astrologer Pia Lehmann of Soul Scapes describes those who were born under the Taurus star sign as loyal, practical, strong-willed, with a love of luxury and beauty, and says all signs will feel this energy from the dates of April 20 to May 20.

“Things will go from a fiery, go-go-go sort of energy to a much more calmer state,” she told Mamamia.

To get all the details, we asked Pia to give us a complete rundown of what we can expect from the next 30 days. This is what she had to say.

What can we expect from Taurus season?

If Aries season was all about setting goals and creating energy, motivation and opportunity for yourself, then Taurus season is about giving yourself a break and lingering and luxuriating in the moment.

“Taurus is about taking it slow and steady and enjoying nature, art and your surroundings. Anything that’s got to do with beauty,” says Pia.


For some this could look like spending time enjoying a meal with friends, amping up your self care routine or enjoying some art, however, Pia says Taurus season could also give you the kick to finally put that DIY idea into practice.

“Taurus season is a time to focus on practicality – gardening, or putting things into order. It’s time to put your ideas into practice,” says Pia.


And while this all sounds all fine and dandy, there are a few astrological interruptions set to cause cosmic mischief.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

What should I be wary of during Taurus season?

Explaining the ‘other’ side to Taurus season, Pia blames the rift on the fact that Uranus is moving into the house of Taurus. If you don’t speak fluent astrology, just know that this is bad.

According to Pia, this could bring up issues surrounding your finances and increase the chances of technological glitches. Or both.

“Be particularly wary of finances on the internet, banking, booking,” warns Pia.


“Uranus and Taurus is an uneasy combination. Uranus is erratic. It wants to race ahead at lighting speed while Taurus wants to linger, it’s slow and steady,” says Pia.

“This could also symbolise a time of change and it’ll affect fixed signs – people born early in Aries, Leo and Scorpio – the most.”

Despite this, it’s good news if you’re a Virgo and Capricorn, with Uranus giving you a lending hand with whatever “transition” you might be facing.

If they’re in set ways which should have long been changed, now is the time. We always say, sometimes the change is already there but we don’t adopt it because it’s easier to rest in what we’re used to.


Finally Pia warns against the fact that this month might also be a rocky one for those of us in relationships, adding that breakups and separation might be on the rise.

“The ruler of Taurus is Venus and it’ll be in Aries for the majority of the month and that’s not great news,” she explains.

“Aries is basically very competitive and this means there could be a lot of disruptions in relationships and towards the end of the month.”

“If things have been agitated in relationships, then a break up could be coming.”

Oh no.

You might also be feeling like spending lots of money this month as a result of Venus being in Aries, with Pia advising people to “watch their spending”.

“If they see something they’ll want it and they’ll want it all.”

And no… that doesn’t sound like us at all.


However, if you just try and abide by Taurus’ calming, steady and patient nature, maybe we’ll all get through the next 30 days relatively unscathed.

Here’s to hoping.

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