Ryan Reynolds revealed the sex of his baby with Blake Lively and she's not happy about it.

Ryan Reynolds got in big, BIG trouble with his wife Blake Lively this week.

Why? It just so happens he went and revealed the sex of the couple's newborn baby.

Luckily, Ryan made it up to his wife, Blake Lively, in the most adorable way – and yes, it very much involves catering to her sweet tooth.

Posting on Instagram, Blake revealed that Ryan not only brought home her favourite cookies, but he also "personally toasted them".

The cookies were also accompanied by a glass of ice-cold milk.

Blake put it best when she said Ryan had earned "literal brownie points".

The couple welcomed their second baby in September 2016, a sibling for their daughter James, and despite dropping a number of hints, had kept the baby's gender under wraps.

Until this week…

"Two under two is tough," he told The Conan O’Brien Show, before adding, "Yeah, a lot of oestrogen. It’s like an American Girl doll took a s**t on my life."

Feature Image: Getty.