Blake Lively's best piece of parenting advice is something all mums and dads need to hear.

Hollywood A-lister and mum-of-two Blake Lively have issued an important reminder to all new parents this week, singing the virtues of learning infant CPR.

Sharing a photo of herself at a class to Instagram on Monday evening, the Gossip Girl star wrote, "ALL MAMAS AND DADDIES OUT THERE– I can't recommend this enough, I took a CPR class with a focus on babies and toddlers."

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The 29-year-old's post continued, "For those of you who haven't done it, you will love it. It's so helpful by giving you knowledge, tools, and some peace of mind."

Lively and her husband, fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, welcomed their eldest daughter James in December 2014.

Their second daughter, Ines, was born in September 2016.

Despite being firmly private about the day-to-day operations of their family's life, both Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have spoken openly about the challenges, joys and steep learning curves that come along with being parents to two young children. None more so than trading in weekends staying out until dawn for infant CPR classes.


Perhaps the most important section of Lively's post, though, was her advice on how other parents out there could follow her and Reynolds' suit.

James Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Ines Reynolds in December 2016. Source: Getty.

"Google 'infant CPR class near me' and you'll see lots of listings," the actress wrote.

In Australia alone, infant CPR classes are run through most major hospitals and community centres, as well as through organisations like Child Revive and Kids First Aid.

You can find a course near you, here.

What's your number one recommendation for new parents? Let us know in the comments section below.

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