Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have just debuted their family to the world.

The world's most glamorous couple – Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively – have just taken their two daughters out in public and let the world see them for the very first time. And yes, we're happy to report it's as incredible as you could imagine.

Stepping out in Hollywood on Thursday, the gang of four celebrated Ryan Reynolds' entry onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Take a deep breath and find a nice place to sit down because your heart is about to skip a beat and maybe (if you love babies as much as I do) fall through the floor.

Two-year-old daughter James is not only cute as a darned button, but she also seems to have zero interest or understanding in how the whole Hollywood shemozzle runs. Which proves she's pretty much just like every other two-year-old, really.

The couple's newest arrival, also a daughter, appeared to sleep throughout the presentation. Her name has still not been released by the couple.

During his acceptance speech for the accolade, Ryan Reynolds gave a big nod to Blake Lively, saying, "I want to thank my wife, Blake, who is sitting right there who is everything to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You make everything better. You make everything in my life better. You've given me two of the most incredible children I've ever hoped to have."

Love is alive, and it lives in Hollywood. Can someone please tell me which way is up and which way is down again?

Feature Image: Getty/Elle Magazine.