'I don't get s**tfaced.' Why everyone is talking about Jlo and Blake Lively.

When it comes to celebrities starting alcohol brands, we rarely bat an eyelid.

But when the celebrity who launches said alcohol brand has been open about the fact they themselves don't consume alcohol, it leaves us feeling a bit... weird. 

If not for the responsible enjoyment of alcohol, what made them decide to start a brand and market it to their millions of fans?

These are the questions – and potential criticisms – that two celebrities, in particular, are facing right now. And their names are Blake Lively and Jennifer Lopez

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A few days ago, Lively posted a photo of herself with her new Betty Buzz alcoholic range to Instagram. Nothing too strange, a star selling pre-made drinks. A lot of them do it, right? 

But the thing is, the actor is sober.

"I don't drink because I don't like the effects of alcohol," she previously told TODAY – a point she even reiterated when she shared the promo for her new line, Betty Booze – an alcoholic offshoot to the non-alcoholic drinks brand she already owns.


"Drinking isn't my thing. But for f**ksake, flavour is. Homemade recipes. Real fruit. Real ingredients. Quality booze. No crap. Also, a real time saver. Which is why I really did it," she said, tagging the new 'Betty Booze'.

Betty Buzz, by the way, is the original drinks company founded by Lively, which offers predominantly sparkling soda products that are alcohol-free, made from 'clean' ingredients and vegan-friendly. 


With the reveal of the boozey range, Lively's audience was divided, with many expressing frustration at what appears to be a slightly hypocritical move.

"I'm really tired of celebs milking alcoholism when they know it's toxic and dangerous and don't drink themselves. Money grabs from the celebs," one commenter said.

"It's so s**t when celebrities who don't drink suddenly promote alcohol," said another.

Lively's not the only celeb to make a move like this. A few months ago, Jennifer Lopez launched a new cocktail brand that makes alcoholic spritzes. Speaking with People magazine, she said her new alcohol business, Delola, aligns with her "personal lifestyle".

"I love to entertain. I love throwing parties at my house. I'm always the first one on the dance floor at all of the industry events, and at times on vacation dancing on the table," she said.

"The way we came up with the name for Delola was really about being the carefree, fun side of who I am. We really wanted to make something that would set you free."


This all sounds like a lot of fun, but now might be the right time to point out that JLo is not a drinker. In fact, she has regularly said in interviews over the years that she doesn't drink alcohol.

"I'm not a huge alcohol, whatever-alcohol, drinker, so it needed to be something that was really pleasant tasting. I loved the idea of creating something a little more healthy, a little bit more to my taste with kind of healthier ingredients and being gluten-free," JLo said of her alcohol brand.

Since the brand's creation, the star has courted some criticism.

One point of contention is JLo's comments suggesting one needs alcohol to "set you free", show "the fun side", be "carefree" and be "the first one on the dance floor".


Another issue? The fact she herself doesn't drink is something that's left many fans wondering what prompted her decision to delve into the world of alcoholic drinks, thereby promoting alcohol and drinking. Add to that her husband Ben Affleck's sobriety and challenges with alcoholism and... well, you begin to understand why people have things to say. 

Responding to this conversation, JLo posted a video to her Instagram of herself driving to the bottle shop to buy her own product.

"I know that a lot people have been talking about like, 'Oh she doesn't even drink, what's she doing with putting a cocktail out?' To tell you the truth, that was true for a long time – I didn't drink," she said.

"I do enjoy the occasional cocktail, I do drink responsibly, I don't drink to get s**t-faced. I have to tell you, I tried a lot of different things, cocktails, but I never found anything that I really love. So, like anything else in my life, I created it for myself. I created Delola. And Delola is really about a healthier way, something that fits my lifestyle."

Ultimately, the concern from fans is that celebs like JLo and Lively putting their names behind alcohol brands is a cash grab. Whether this is true or they're simply new and exciting business ventures? Well, perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Feature Image: Instagram/jlo, blakelively.

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