"It was very aggressive and unnecessary": Blair shares what really happened with Romy.


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At last night’s Bachie rose ceremony, Blair was sent home and Romy was stoked.

Though she and Nick had a chat at the cocktail party, Blair told Mamamia she wasn’t surprised to go home.

“Nick and I were talking about how everything in the house is in fast forward and the time that you have with somebody, you have to delve deep really quickly and not hold back,” she said.

She didn’t receive a single date and only got to talk to the Honey Badgelor in group settings, which she said put her at a disadvantage.

Earlier in the episode she was involved in some major drama with Romy (“With who?” she joked), and you guys, she said we’re lucky we didn’t see all of it.

“You didn’t really see was how long and drawn out it was. It would’ve been a bore to everybody if they showed the whole thing and probably would’ve taken up the majority of the episode.”

“There was a lot of yelling and screaming with herself and I literally couldn’t get a word in for a long time so I had to sit there. It was like I had a stutter trying to get a word out but I just couldn’t.”

“It was very aggressive and unnecessary. Cass didn’t like what Romy had said about her, all Romy had to do was apologise and that would’ve been the end of it. Then she decided to just shift the blame and blame it on me and not apologise.”


According to Blair, as viewers, we are seeing the real Romy, Cat and Alicia. No crazy editing here.

'How dare you eavesdrop on my private conversation which is being aired nationally'.

"I feel like those girls, they were very mean and they did speak over a lot of girls and a lot of other people, they didn't want to speak up to them," Blair said.

"They were kind of intimidated by them, or they just couldn't be bothered getting in an argument with them because they knew those girls would just drag the argument on or turn it into something that it totally wasn't. It was just not worth anyone's time or effort."


She admitted there was underlying tension and arguments in the house that we didn't always get to see on screen.

"Obviously everybody tries to avoid confrontation because you've got to live with the people," she said.

"It did happen a couple of times with myself but then the next day I'd be over it, saying "Hey Romy!" the next morning in the kitchen and she'd just look at me and be like 'Are you serious?'... and everyone's trying not to laugh around us, but she didn't laugh or answer me. There's no point holding a grudge in these situations."

The portrayal of Cass, on the other hand, hasn't been as fair.

"I think they could've shown the other side of Cass where she is like that with everything. She's not just a worry wart and anxious about things that have to do with Nick, that's her as a person and some of the characteristics that she has," she said.

"It looks like she is a bit stage fivey when I feel like she's not a stage five."

Got Nick dribbling tonight ????????

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Blair said she enjoyed her Bachelor experience and would definitely do it again. Her only regret is that her beating Nick in a basketball dribbling competition wasn't aired for all to see.

"He didn't listen to the last part of the instructions, typical male."