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From Jess and Marty to Tully and Drew: Where the couples from Big Brother are now.

It's been almost two decades since Big Brother first hit our screens in 2001. 

Back then, Australians gathered in their lounge rooms to watch a group of strangers live, eat, share secrets, and even find love on national TV.

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Now, 19 years on, the current season of Big Brother certainly looks different. But despite the change to the show's format and the usual breed of housemates, two contestants have still managed to find a romantic connection. 

Yep, we're talking about Chad Hurst and Sophie Budack, who have continued to grow closer after entering the house as latecomers.

In fact, the pair even joked about getting engaged during last Sunday's episode. 

"Chad last night, I don’t know if you recall this Chad, he asked for my hand in marriage," Sophie told the rest of the housemates.

"Say what? This 17-day romance is peaking!" fellow contestant Shane Vincent responded.

"You’re all invited to the wedding!" Sophie joked. 




Chad and Sophie. Image: Channel Seven.  

So, in honour of Chad and Sophie's budding romance, we decided to take a look at which Big Brother couples are still together.

Pete and Christina (Season 1).




Pete and Christina. Image: Channel Ten. 

Pete Timbs and Christina Davis were the very first contestants to start dating in the Big Brother house back in season one. They were also the couple behind the infamous "dancing doona" incident... but we won't get into that. 


Despite their romance on the show, the pair decided to go their separate ways shortly afterwards. Pete is now married to his wife Camilla, who he shares two girls with, and runs a cafe in Byron Bay. Speaking on The Morning Show earlier this month, Pete shared that he still keeps in touch with fellow housemates Blair McDonough, Ben Williams, Johnnie Cass and Jemma Gawned.

Meanwhile, Christina has found success in stand-up comedy, having performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Jess and Marty (Season 2). 




Jess and Marty. Image: Channel Ten.  

Big Brother fans will no doubt remember Jess Hardy and Nathan ‘Marty’ Martin from season two of the show. The pair ended up making it to the top four and got very... intimate with each other on national TV. At the time, Marty had a girlfriend on the outside, and was later dumped after leaving the show. The reality TV couple later tied the knot in 2004 and starred in a spin-off special, Marty & Jess: An Outback Wedding. In 2006, however, the couple divorced.

 In 2012, Jess opened up about the divorce, telling The West Australian"Unfortunately our lives were just too different. I needed a bit more of civilisation".


Marty is now happily married to his second wife Lexi, who shares three children with — Sam, Billy and Joe. 

"He’s got a happy ending with another lovely lady, they’ve got a family, and he’s all loved up. He’s back on the farm," Jess told Triple M’s Moonman In The Morning earlier this month. 

Meanwhile, Jess, who is currently single, has since started a career in radio, studied law and appeared on the reality TV show, Dating in the Dark. 


Jess also recently explained why she and Marty decided to get intimate on the show. 

"I’m not an exhibitionist, but you do kind of forget and you like the intimacy, you feel like you’ve got an ally, you get a little cosy and before too long it’s the dancing doona all over again," she shared.

"It’s just a comfort thing. Dad said to me when I got out, 'Couldn’t you wait?' but when the intense chemistry is there and you’re unable to leave, it’s undeniable.

"It feels like it’s the right thing at the time, you don’t remember the cameras are there."

Jamie and Katie (Season 6).


Jamie and Katie. Image: Channel Ten. 

Housemates Jamie Brooksby and Katie Hastings began dating during season six and even staged a mock wedding inside the house. Katie was later evicted from the show, leaving Jamie to go on and win the $426,000 prize money.


Unfortunately, like the other Big Brother romances before them, the pair eventually broke up after the show. 

"We haven't spoken since shortly after we parted ways but I have no ill feelings whatsoever,” Jamie told TV WEEK this month. 

"I hope she's living her best life. We shared something pretty surreal and memorable. It was an unforgettable experience that changed our lives."

Hayley and Andrew (Season 7).

Hayley and Andrew. Image: Channel Ten.

Hayley Luscott and Andrew Halas entered the house as a couple back in season seven. Only the pair weren't allowed to tell the others they were dating. Things got more complicated when Hayley's ex-boyfriend Billy also joined the competition. 


Despite making it through the show, Hayley and Andrew's relationship later came to an end that same year. At the time, The Adelaide Advertiser claimed that Andrew was the one who instigated the breakup and moved out of their shared home. 

Tully and Drew (Season 10).


Tully and Drew. Image: Channel Nine.

Another famous couple to come out of the Big Brother house was season 10's Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew (known as Drew). Tully had a girlfriend named Tahlia when she entered the house and to this day, she still gets ridiculed for cheating on her.


A scan of commentary from 2002 shows Marty was painted as "not too flash" but he wasn't ripped to shreds in the same way Tully was. In fact, he went on to become runner-up — in a show voted for by the public. 

Despite breaking up after the show, Tully told Mamamia last year that she still keeps in contact with Drew. 

"He will always be a very important person to me and I only want the best for him. He was my rock through the most insane, alien experience and I will forever be grateful to the show for introducing us," she said. 

"I risked it all when I fell for Drew — literally my entire life. My relationship, my reputation… I put it all on the line because I was madly in love with him and whilst it didn’t work out in the end, it would be such a waste to have lost him entirely. In saying that, it hasn’t always been easy. It’s required a lot of work, from both sides.".


"I’ve often said that out of everyone I’ve dated, Drew knows me the best. He knows me down to my core. He’s seen me at my worst and at my best… he’s been to all the deep, dark corners of my brain and loved me because and despite it all. That’s pretty rare to find and something I’ve worked hard to preserve," she added. 

Tully, who hosted Mamamia's Social Squad podcast, is also still "very, very good friends" with her ex-girlfriend Tahlia.

"Wise beyond her years, Tahlia decided six or so months after the show that resentment was a heavier burden than forgiveness. She has been a source of support for me every day since, keeping my ego in check and reminding me who I am away from Instagram and I am extremely grateful to still have her in my life."


Listen: Tully Smyth chats to Keira Rumble about how she went from tragedy to triumph on the Social Squad podcast. Post continues below. 

Jade and Ed (Season 10).

Jade and Ed. Image: Channel Ten.

Season 10 also saw contestants Jade Albany and Ed Lower get together. But despite their relationship in the house, the couple ended up breaking up after the show. 

Jade later explained why she and Ed split an interview with Maxim Magazine.


"Ed and I were completely different people outside the Big Brother house," she told the publication.

"Our lives, morals, and social circles are totally different. Is Ed an ex? I’d say no, the relationship in the house was one-sided and never existed in the real world.

"But he will forever be a great friend and I wish him all the best. We will always have that experience and he will always be the biggest part of it for me. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done and I don’t regret anything."

Aisha and Travis (Season 11).

Aisha and Travis. Image: Channel Nine. 

Travis Lunardi and Aisha McKinnon fell for each other in season 11. After Aisha was evicted on day 58, Travis continued on in the competition and became runner-up behind 2014 winner Ryan Ginns. 


The couple went on to date for another 18 months before they eventually broke things off. These days, Travis works as a dive instructor in Melbourne while Aisha is the founder of fashion label BOYBYHER. 

Earlier this year, Travis took part in a celebrity showdown boxing match against The Bachelorette’s Paddy Colliar.

Lisa and Jake (Season 11).

Romance also blossomed between Lisa Clark and Jake Rich in season 11 of the show. At the time, Jake appeared to be interested in both Lisa and fellow housemate Skye, but he eventually broke the love triangle and admitted his feelings for Lisa. 

The couple confirmed they were in a relationship back in July 2015. "It’s official, we're seeing each other. It’s good. It’s great," Jake previously told the Daily Mail.

Since then, the pair have parted ways.

Cat and Lawson (Season 11).

Cat and Lawson. Image: Channel Nine.

Cat Law and Lawson Reeves made headlines after they got together on Big Brother in 2014. Lawson, who was 23 at the time, had a girlfriend on the outside, which soon sparked outrage from around the country.


But despite the scrutiny, Cat and Lawson maintained their relationship for four and a half years after the show. 

"It was a relationship that wasn’t for TV or for ratings or for getting us further in the game," Cat told Mamamia last year. 

"It was something that developed unexpectedly and that’s why the relationship lasted outside the house as well, because there were genuine feelings there."

She continued: "We just had so many things in common and it was just genuine love, he was a really significant person in my life and I will always have really strong feelings towards him I think."

However, the pair decided to split earlier last year. 

"Breakups are really hard and I find it really hard to talk about when you’re going through it because it’s so emotional," Cat said.

"We don’t have any ill will towards each other, but breakups are really painful and I think for myself limiting contact with him for the moment is really important for me to move on. It would bring back all those old feelings and I could end up back where I was when I was finding it really challenging."


Cat is currently living in Victoria and works as a midwife — the same occupation she had before entering Big Brother.

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Feature Image: Channel Ten/Nine.