5 of the best summer tips to stop your makeup from literally slipping off your face.

Summer and the holiday season are officially here, which means many things: sun, celebrations, SPF, and… sweat.  

As much as I love this time of year, I am an oily-faced human who is prone to perspiration, which means wearing nice makeup in hot weather can often be a little challenging. 

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So, to help myself and my fellow sweaty gals, I spoke to makeup artist extraordinaire Helen Samaryan to find out her best tips and tricks for summer skin and makeup.  

Here are five things you're probably doing wrong.

Tip #1: You're not preparing your skin.

First things first. Before putting any makeup on that cute face of yours, you need to get it prepped and ready! Even for those of us with oily skin, it is imperative not to skip the bare minimum of using SPF and moisturiser on a clean face. 

"No one should leave the house in the daytime without SPF. There are some incredible sunscreens out there that aren’t too heavy and work incredibly well under makeup," Samaryan said.


"(Moisturiser) will not only prevent your skin from overcompensating for the lack of moisture by producing more natural oils, but it will also make your makeup look better." 

"Then, follow your skincare routine with a primer appropriate for your skin type or desired skin finish. My favourite is the Hourglass Veil Primer, $77."

Tip #2: You're choosing the wrong products.

When selecting a base, choosing the right product for your skin is so important. The foundations those of us with oily faces reach for simply won’t work for our dry-skinned friends, and vice versa.  

"Go for something suited to your skin type and desired finish and use appropriate prep and finishing products designed to prolong the wear of your foundation," Samaryan says. 

"Powders and long-wear foundations with a matte finish have an advantage in terms of longevity and oil-absorbing properties, but sometimes can accentuate lines on mature skin or sit on top of textured skin."

As an oily gal who doesn't love a heavy face of makeup, most days I opt for Natio's Skin Perfecting BB Cream SPF 15, $15.95, or Fenty ProFilt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, $53, when I want a little more coverage. 

In terms of eye makeup, waterproof mascara is a GAME CHANGER for daytime events or sweaty nights on the dance floor. For best results, Samaryan also recommends prepping the eye area with an eye primer such as the Hourglass Veil Eye Primer, $40 – clever!  


Tip #3: You're not using setting spray.

After you've prepped your skin, pressed play on your favourite getting-ready playlist, and selected your sweat-proof products, it's time to put them on your face! 

Even the best products won't work if they aren't applied properly, so pay attention. 

"Start with an oil-absorbing primer, powder after your base products – including contour or blush – are on and then set with a setting spray right at the end," Samaryan instructs. 

"When applying your makeup, apply it in the thinnest layers possible and build slowly to your desired coverage."

"If you're really oily or sweaty, you can use a setting spray prior to powder and then again at the very end!"

If you're looking for a setting spray recommendation, our expert suggests Urban Decay All Nighter, $26, and Morphe Continuous Setting Mist, $16.

Tip #4: You're going too hard.

We've all been there. You head to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and realise your face has so much shine it could light up the room in a blackout. 

At this point, I used to either wipe off my makeup or hurriedly slap a bunch of powder on top, but (unsurprisingly) it turns it this is not the best tactic. 

"If your makeup has started to separate, use a beauty blender first to gently press the makeup into your skin without disturbing it too much and then set it with a small amount of powder," Samaryan says. 


"You don't want to use too much powder as even translucent powders can make your makeup appear unnaturally heavy when applied with a heavy hand."

Ahhh. So that's where I've been going wrong.  

Tip #5: You're applying too much product.

My own makeup skills are… not exactly impressive, so I tend to stick to a minimal look most of the time.  

Luckily, this is also what Samaryan suggests in hot weather – win, win!  

"Applying too much product can be a big mistake," she says. "The more product there is, the more opportunity you’re giving your makeup to glide and slide when your natural oils and sweat come through." 

"And finally, do not touch your face! I repeat, do NOT touch your face."

Most importantly, make sure you and your face (sweaty or not) have fun this summer. It's been a hard year; you deserve it! 

This article was originally posted in October 2022 and has since been updated.

What do you think of the above tips? Will you try them? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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