Summer beauty hacks from 12 women who have the same problems as you.

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Truth: The arrival of summer can wreak havoc on your beauty routine.

From makeup that melts off your face faster than an ice block in 40-degree heat, to the overly volumising effects of humidity on hair, to the all-important step of SPF protection, we get it.

There’s a lot of new steps to consider when the mercury starts to rise.

That’s why we asked 12 women to share their tried and tested summer beauty hacks, so we can live our best summer yet.

This is what they said.

Problem: I get overwhelmed with all my skincare and makeup steps. Help!

My beauty hack: Get yourself an all-in-one base that does it all.

Straightforward, lazy girl makeup is my favourite kind of makeup, especially in the summer, when I’d rather by enjoying my time outdoors than faffing around with my face.

For a one-stop, sun protection and coverage shop, I adore the Cancer Council Face Day Wear BB Cream SPF 50+ in the Medium Tint, $17.99. It’s dermatologically tested, and fragrance and paraben free, and feels fantastically nourishing, and hydrating.

Not only will using SPF keep sun damage at bay, (think: wrinkles, pigmentation and premature ageing), it’s also so important to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The fact that this BB Cream does all of that, while giving you lightweight buildable coverage, is just a bonus. It also comes in Light Tint.

sweat proof makeup beauty hacks
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Problem: How do you prep your makeup so it lasts all day?

Keryn's beauty hack: Layer on your SPF and makeup with patience.

I catch public transport every day so in summer I find my makeup completely melts off by the end of the day, if not at the start of the day. Therefore, I have to add a few little steps into my skincare and makeup routine.


After applying my moisturiser and a SPF50+ sunscreen, I apply a thin layer of primer to my skin. I wait for that to set then I apply my foundation. Once my foundation has set, I apply my concealer, and once that’s set I lock it all in with a finishing spray.

I find taking the time to let my products settle on my face before applying the next layer makes them last longer and also helps me avoid starting the day with a sweaty face!

sweat proof makeup beauty hacks
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Problem: How do I stop the dreaded 'thigh chafe'?

Jessica's beauty hack: Get yourself some 'action cream' stat.

I use the Neat Effect, 3B Action Cream, $16.95 to stop chafing. You just put it on before you head out the door and you’ll avoid the awful thigh chafe.

I purchased it on an impulse before heading to Cambodia and Vietnam for three weeks, it was a god send. I never had chafe once, and I now use it all the time in summer!

sweat proof makeup beauty hacks
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Problem: How do you humidity and  frizz proof textured hair?

Bronte's beauty hack: It's all about hydration and protection.

Use hydrating products free from nasties to protect your textured hair. My Dad is Mauritian and used to have an afro, so – lucky me - I inherited very curly, frizzy hair, which really suffers in the Australian summer.

To avoid Sideshow Bob hair, I make sure to use a hydrating sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, apply a weekly hair mask for dry, damaged hair (or a coconut oil mask) and get “baby trims” quite regularly. I also hide my hair under a wide brim hat and reserve straightening for special occasions.

sweat proof makeup beauty hacks
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Problem: I'm a go-go-go kind of person, what are some time-saving beauty hacks I can do?

Sarah's beauty hack: Consider a brow and lash tint.

Get your lashes tinted and brows done. Then all you need all summer is a BB cream or tinted sunscreen and a bright lip or gloss. It's such a time saver.

sweat proof makeup beauty hacks
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Problem: How do I get the most out of my skincare and sun protection?

Amy's beauty hack: Commit these skincare ingredients to memory ASAP.

As the owner of a sweaty face, I'm pretty much on high, mattifying alert during the summer months. For skincare, this means: switching out my winter moisturiser with an all-in-one moisturiser and SPF50+. I've been using the Cancer Council Face Day Wear Mattifying SPF 50+, $14.95 for over a year and it's one of the best moisturising SPFs I've come across.

The untinted version is perfect for my routine - I apply after cleansing and my serum, the texture is nice and thin and the product sinks into the skin within a minute. The formula has aloe vera and vitamin E for hydration, so you don't feel like you're missing any moisture from your routine. I usually pop a foundation or tinted moisturiser over the top and add bronzer for an easy summer day look.

Bonus tip: a blast to the face with the hairdryer on the cool setting. That does wonders for drying face sweat!

sweat proof makeup beauty hacks
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Problem: How can you protect your hair from salt water and chlorine damage?

Lauren's beauty hack: Protect your hair before you swim.

Slather your hair with a leave in conditioner and chuck it in a messy bun before a day at the beach or a dip in the pool - it'll act like a barrier against the salt and chlorine and leave your hair nice and soft!

sweat proof makeup beauty hacks
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Problem: How can I keep my face from overheating on humid and hot days?

Kiara's beauty hack: A facial mist will do the trick.

I keep a facial spritzer in my bag and car wherever I go, and throughout the day I'll mist my face! It's so refreshing and keeps my makeup looking fresh.

sweat proof makeup beauty hacks
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Problem: What do I do if I want my skin to look super dewy?

Christina's beauty hack: Change up your makeup routine with cream products.

This year, I seem to be gravitating towards cream products for my blush and eyeshadow.

I’ve really enjoy how easy it is to just tap it on my skin and it blends smoothly into a radiant, natural-looking flush. Cream products are also generally super compact and travel-friendly for a busy on-the-go lifestyle.

sweat proof makeup beauty hacks
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Problem: What is the best way to touch up your makeup while avoiding 'cake face'?

Laura's beauty hack: Keep a powder in your bag, but use it sparingly.

My summer beauty hack is that I only put on a light base layer of makeup when I leave the house in the morning - my foundation with a dusting of powder, and then apply the rest when I get to work, in the safety of the air conditioning.

Since I am in and out of the office all day for interviews and events I constantly have to touch up my makeup up in the summer. I blot the sweat away with just a dry tissue and then apply a light 'pat' of powder along the t-zone. That always does the trick.

If you have a fringe in summer you'll also know that can lead to a bit of a sweaty mess, so I always spritz the underside of my fringe with dry shampoo before I go to an event, just to make sure no wayward sweat makes its way down my face.

sweat proof makeup beauty hacks
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Problem: How can you get rid of summer breakouts, fast?

Supriya's beauty hack: Pimple patches are a godsend.

My skin gets super oily in the summer and often I end up breaking out. My latest solution which I've already tried and over here in sunny Queensland are pimple patches - I love the Subi, Perfect Pimple Patches, $34.95 for 55 patches.

I've started keeping one set in my purse, one set at work and another at home, just so I'm prepared for when a pimple breaks out. I'd never heard of a pimple patch before this but my little sister recommended them, and so I gave them a try, and they're amazing.

No more scars, no more popping, literally gets rid of pimples in five to seven hours! Cannot recommend enough!

sweat proof makeup beauty hacks
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Problem: How do you make your skin look its glowiest best?

Polly's beauty hack: Mix in a liquid highlighter into your base.

As I entered my 30s I decided less is more in terms of base. I look after my skin and don’t think wearing a full coverage foundation does me any favours.

I recently discovered that mixing a few drops of my highlighter (I use the Becca, Glow Silk Highlighter Drops in Champagne Pop, $48) creates a shimmery warm glow that's perfect for summer.

sweat proof makeup beauty hacks
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Whatever your summer looks like, we hope these tips help you look and feel your best while staying sun-safe and well moisturised.

And remember, it's not just about skincare. Wear a wide-brimmed hat, protective clothing and sunnies when you're outdoors, and stay in the shade when the UV level is 3 and above.

Enjoy your summer!

What's your go-to summer beauty hack? Tell us in a comment below.

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*Always read the label. Use only as directed.
Cancer Council- Face Day Wear

Cancer Council recommends applying sunscreen 20 minutes before sun exposure and reapplying every two hours or immediately after swimming, exercise, sweating or towel-drying. Sunscreen should never be used as the only line of defence against sun damage.

Whenever the UV Index is 3 or above, be sure to:
• SLIP on covering clothing.
• SLOP on broad spectrum, SPF30 (or higher) sunscreen.
• SLAP on a broadbrim hat.
• SEEK shade.
• SLIDE on sunglasses.

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