8 nighties and pyjamas so cute you'll (almost) want to leave the house.

There are people who enjoy being out and about. 

And then there are those of us who almost seem like we were made to... lounge

I'm someone who likes to maximise the quality of my relaxation time, and I've found that there is no better way to achieve that than with a candlelit movie night in the comfiest pyjamas imaginable.

We're not just talking about a singlet and some old ratty trackpants here. We're talking about those luxurious, comfortable, extravagant-feeling matching sets, the sexy nighties (yes, nighties can be sexy – don't fight me on this), and the matching lavish, silky pyjama top and shorts.

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So taking all of this into consideration, I decided it's time to invest in some seriously good sleepwear. We're talking the best of the best here — the crème da la crème, if you will.

Here are eight of the comfiest, chicest, most beautiful and downright luxurious pyjamas and nighties on the market right now, going up to a size 34.

Hank & Hera.

What is Hank & Hera's size range? Hank & Hera goes from XS (4-6) to 4XL (32-34).


Hank & Hera Lauren Nightdress in White, $149.95. 

Hank & Hera Lauren Night Dress. Image: Instagram @hankandhera, @katie_parrott. 

Hank & Hera Renae Slip Nightdress in Black, $229.95. 

Hank & Hera Renae Slip Nightdress. Image: Hank & Hera.


Hank & Hera Pyjamas Set in Navy, $399.99. 

Hank & Hera Pyjamas Set. Image: Hank & Hera.


Hank & Hera was founded by Phillipa Giles in 2023 when she realised there weren't enough quality garments for bigger women. So she set about making luxurious nightwear with timeless silhouettes and natural fabrics. Hank & Hera is perfect for those who want long-lasting, quality pieces that are thoughtfully created. 

The prices are high but the brand makes clothes that last – not to mention they're a slow fashion label with their finger on the pulse for what women need and want in 2024.


What is Bompies size range? Bompies goes from XS (6) to XL (14).

Bombies The Kit Pyjamas in Floral, $199.

Bompies Kit Pyjamas. Image: Bompies.


Another Australian small business to support is Bompies.

The brand hand-makes their pieces and releases limited sets that are created in small runs – meaning it's not always a guarantee that the piece you want will come back (if you love something, aka get in quick).

I value lightweight fabric, and the Bompies Kit Pyjamas are made of cotton and feel crisp and soft to wear.

ChouChou Intimates.

What is ChouChou Intimates size range? ChouChou Intimates goes from XS (6) to 3XL (18-20).

ChouChou Intimates Audrey Slip Dress, $94.95.

ChouChou Audrey Slip Dress. Image: Instagram @chouchouintimates.


Chouchou was founded in 2019 and makes high-quality, affordable intimates that are comfortable enough to lounge around in, too! Perfect for when you want to feel sexy, but also like you spent your money on something good (AKA your self-confidence because daaaaaaaaaaamn). 

Best & Less.

What is Best & Less size range? Best & Less goes from size 8 to size 26.

Best & Less Women's Satin Button Down PJ Set, $28. 

Best & Less Women's Satin Button Down PJ Set. Image: Best & Less.


I value an affordable find and Best & Less is great at offering cute clothes for a reasonable price. The satin pyjama sets from Best & Less are fabulous, comfortable to wear and not too tight or constricting around the thighs.

Midnight Mischief.

What is Mightnight Mischief's size range? Mightnight Mischief goes from size 4 to size 26.

Midnight Mischief Satin personalised Pyjama Set, $99.95. 

Midnight Mischief Satin personalised Pyjama Set. Image: Midnight Mischief.


The great thing about Midnight Mischief is the choices feel endless. With the option to personalise each set from the brand, their pyjamas are AMAZING for weddings or special events.

They also offer a range of colours and sizes, right up to a size AU26, so I really believe Midnight Mischief is an amazing brand to look to for the moments in life when you want to pamper yourself or your loved ones.

You + All.

What is You + All size range? You + All goes from size 16 to size 26.

You + All Pink Check Satin Pyjama Check Pj Two Piece PJ Set, $59.99. 

You + All Pink Check Satin Pyjama Check Pj Two Piece PJ Set. Image: You + All.


You + All consistently brings on-trend, fashionable and affordable options that make me feel like I am one of the cool kids. Of course, we all know I am not one, but it sure does feel nice to pretend!

Do you have any sleepwear recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Instagram @hankandhera, @katie_parrott, @bompies, @chouchouintimates.

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