"It thrills me more than I'd like to admit": 17 women on their most grown-up purchase.

If you get excited by swanky vacuum cleansers, drool over Le Creuset cookware, find yourself browsing bed linen, and get excited at the mere thought of roaming through Freedom ("I'LL MEET YOU BACK HERE IN AN HOUR") - welcome, friend. You have now reached full-blown adulthood.

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To celebrate us being big people who now buy stuff for our homes, we've asked 16 women to tell us about their most recent grown-up purchase.

Vintage dinnerware.

"I recently bought vintage plates off Etsy. Not super expensive, but just a little luxury that makes eating dinner slightly more fancy." - Ellie.

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Philips 2-in-1 Air Dehumidifier.

"I got the Philips 2-in-1 Air Dehumidifier - it's a dehumidifier and air purifying combo machine. I am terrified of mould and I enjoy that I feel like a responsible adult who is taking extra special care of my house, and mentally I just feel like I am breathing clean air." - Sam.

Image: Philips Series 5000 2-in-1 Dehumidifier and Purifier. 

A set of coasters, placemats and tea towels.

"I bought pretty placemats for the dining room table, fresh new tea towels and a set of coasters. How good is Kmart!" - Claire.

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A velvet ottoman.

"I bought this beautiful velvet, forest green ottoman on Facebook Marketplace. It was brand new and still in the box, originally priced at $500. I got it for just $180. So good." - Emma.

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A coffee table that matches the rest of the furniture.

"I bought a new coffee table after mine got damaged. I managed to find an almost *exact* match to my side tables even though I got it from a different store." - Polly. 

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Purifying Fan.

"Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Purifying Fan. It doubles as a fan and a heater and cleans the air. It's amazing. I’m constantly checking the pollution levels on my phone." - Abby.

Image: Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Purifying Fan. 


A faux fur throw.

"This was extremely expensive and absolutely an impulse purchase in the middle of lockdown, but I bought this Pottery Barn Faux Fur Throw and it is the snuggest thing ever and also quite heavy, which I love. Blankets are very important to me." - Jess.

Image: Pottery Barn Faux Fur Ombre Throw. 

Philips Electric Airfryer.

"A Philips Airfryer. Lol" - Emily

Image: Philips Daily Collection Airfryer. 


An outdoor furniture set.

"My partner and I went to several stores to find the right outdoor furniture and we're so proud of this purchase which allows us to have ~sophisticated~ wine and cheese afternoons on our terrace. This feels like a real turning point because most of our furniture prior has been "reclaimed" (from old share-houses or family hand-me-downs.") - Tamara.

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A lush bath mat.

"Got a new bath mat that really thrilled me. It's only from Kmart, but it's huge and lush." - Emma.

Tiptoe Table & Desk Legs.

"I recently purchased Tiptoe Table & Desk Legs. There is a very long story as to why I ended up buying these/affording them." - Renny.

Image: TIPTOE Table & Desk Leg. 

A step ladder.

"I was gifted a step ladder because I am short and all my cupboards are really high - it has changed my life." - Andi.

A new bedroom chair.

"I recently bought myself a pretty new green velvet chair for my bedroom - and it's so comfy! I love the colour." - Sarah.

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A comfy cardigan.

"A big Witchery Annie Mohair Cardigan I got myself at the beginning of winter for working in my very cold house. It still makes me happy every time I wear it, it's like a warm hug." - Emilie.

Image: Witchery Annie Mohair Cardigan. 

A cordless vacuum cleaner.

"I bought a second vacuum that's cordless to do 'in between cleans'. Now that I have two pets this is very necessary (I'm a clean freak), and it thrills me more than I'd like to admit. I got it from Kmart." - Lily.

Image: Kmart Cordless Stick Cleaner. 


A dining room table and chairs.

"I recently bought a dining room table and vintage chairs from Facebook Marketplace. We now have a proper dining room and it's so exciting to not eat on the couch (and play board games comfortably.") - Kee.

A ZIP HydroTap

"My ZIP tap has literally changed my life." - Fran.

Image: ZIP HydoTap 

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What's your best grown-up purchase? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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