'Your favourite F1 driver tells me everything I need to know about you.'

F1 fans unite. Whether you're an OG lover of the sport or get your fix through its viral documentary series, Drive to Survive, you must have a favourite driver.

If you're one of those people who doesn't have a favourite driver but instead a favourite team, I'm sorry but I just don't believe you. I know that deep down inside there is a singular person you are secretly rooting for.

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What you might not be aware of is that your favourite driver of this season says A LOT about who you are as a person.

Luckily for you, I've taken it upon myself to compile a life's-work amount of research (and vibes) into letting you know what type of energy you're putting out into the world according to your preference.

If you're not happy with your result, then, I'm sorry, but I only speak the truth.

It's lights out and away we go...

Daniel Ricciardo.

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My golden retriever bestie. How are you feeling? You are loyal to a fault. And the fault is that you should probably move on.

You love joy and laughter and pranks, and see the good in everyone. Everyone wants you around, which is probably why you were a personality hire. On the plus side, it means that people want to keep you around no matter what.

People want to see you succeed so badly, but just a little smile and some words of encouragement show that you're already a winner in their hearts.

Charles Leclerc.

Image: Getty.

You love watching videos of puppy dogs with sad eyes. You'd protect this man at all costs and I just know that he loves you for it. You've never wanted to give someone more of a pat on the back. 

You hate watching people get upset about not winning but deep down, inside I know that you low-key get some enjoyment out of it as it just makes you love them more. Don't worry bestie, I won't tell. 

You're a true empath and just want the people you love to succeed even if it's for a hot minute only.

Lewis Hamilton.

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You have never rooted for someone to win as much as you have for this man. And you know what? As you should. You want the whole package — a good-looking winner with great style who loves brunch with the girlies.

You're not here for silly games, you want a deep and fulfilling connection with not only someone who loves you but also someone who will fight for you and hold you up like one of their million trophies.

You also have back problems after holding up your entire team for years. Don't worry though, 2025 will be your year.  

Max Verstappen.

Image: Getty.

You love winning so much that you're now bored with it. Let's be honest, you really just want to holiday in Belgium. Look, there's no judgement here. 

You hate reality TV shows that give people the villain edit. Why should you apologise for literally being the best in the world? (You shouldn't.)

You love to joke around with your friends, but when it comes to your work, you mean business and everyone who's not on your side... is your enemy.

Alex Albon.

Image: Getty.

You have some of the worst luck imaginable but you've come to terms with it and are now just cruising through life. You deserve it, bestie. You'd rather be safe and happy than live life on the edge and... get hurt (both physically and emotionally). 

You're a big foodie, you love your family and you're very into golf. 

People who aren't close to you refer to you as nice and polite. Your friends refer to you as an absolute sarcastic savage.

Pierre Gasly.

Image: Getty. 

It's been years and people still talk about your glow-up to this day. You were the underdog who peaked at the perfect time and it's just been getting better and better from there. 

You have a thing for French accents, French food and just France in general, tbh. You love your friends and get very sad when they stop talking to you, but you re-distribute all those emotions into your work.

Lance Stroll.

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You love a nepo baby. It's a smart decision. You know that whatever someone does with their career, it doesn't matter because they'll always have a cushion to fall on — and you want in on that cushion.

You also are very sympathetic to nepo babies who look like they're trying to shine in a spotlight that they didn't create themselves. They just want to be known for who they truly are: normal people, trying their best. 

Unfortunately, their best will always be overshadowed.

Valtteri Bottas.

Image: Getty.

You don't give flying s**t anymore and I love that for you. You've had your time in the spotlight and now you just want to sit back, embed yourself in Australian culture and lean into your surprising rogue and funny personality.

You're here for a good time and also a long time — who knew you could do both?

You don't talk for the sake of talking and you don't need to. Why? Because your new look says enough — "slay."

Fernando Alonso.

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You love Taylor Swift so much so that even you believe that she wrote a song about you. You go crazy for a plot twist and liken yourself to a movie star announcing their departure from a favourite series, only to appear in a remake two years later.

For every person who tells you to relax, you mentally add another year of work to your life. 

Carlos Sainz Jr.

Image: Getty.

I just know you're reading this with an "I told you so" smile on your face. You love proving people wrong, and wrong we all were. The minute you get shot down, you get right back up, guns ablaze. No one can label you because they don't know what move you're going to pull next (and it's usually the right one).

You're a bit nervous about the future, but you easily prove to everyone that you're one of the best. 


Lando Norris.

Image: Getty.

Sometimes it's all a bit too much, isn't it bestie? You're an extremely loyal person who gets constantly told how much you've grown up. You don't care what anyone says about you and to prove it, you make it a point to say some very "side-eye" things that have people talking for days.

You're still a child at heart who loves to muck about and take the piss, as long as people stay out of your lane (physically)... 

Yuki Tsunoda.

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People think you're an angry and mean person but really, you're just passionate and misunderstood. However, it's weird how you take out a lot of your mistakes on other people... I'm sorry, please don't yell at me.

The annoying thing about this is that you're actually really good at your job. If you just do a few meditation sessions every now and then, you'd be unstoppable.

Sergio Pérez.

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You always win at being second. Look, coming in second isn't bad... People know that you're really good at what you do and they don't set super-high standards either. You're right where they want you to be and you're thriving.

You're family-orientated, too, which is not only why everyone loves you but also why they mostly leave you alone to just do your thing.

George Russell.

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Don't listen to what anyone else says, I think you have a beautiful crying face. Sometimes it can get so overwhelming and the emotions just need to run loose. I respect that.


When you're not in the feels, you're into yourself. You look great and you know it. Why would you keep that all to yourself? 

Your friends make fun of all the sexy pics you post on Instagram but you're just giving the people what they want to see.

Oscar Piastri.

Image: Getty.

You sly dog you. Just when everyone thought they had you figured out, you did a complete 180 and threw us all off course.

When people meet you they straight away think you mean only business and you're here to do a job and go home. After a while, when you've warmed yourself up, you start to show your more... exciting side. 

Your humour is so dry and sarcastic that it takes people a moment to figure out whether or not you're joking. And because you find joy in watching people squirm, you never clarify your intent.

Every time you open your mouth, the results lead to more and more people liking you each day. 

Nico Hülkenberg.

Image: Getty.

You love egging people on, even when it completely backfires. 

People think you peaked when you were young, but you're just getting started and are striving to prove them wrong. You love superheroes so much that you refer to yourself as one (come on bestie, we all know that you gave yourself that nickname). 

Winning is the only thing on your mind and you're willing to forgive and forget your past enemies to get the job done.

Esteban Ocon.

Image: Getty.

You love tall people. You think they don't get enough recognition even though they dominate in every area of our culture.

People think you're a model but they're not sure if that's just your height messing with their minds. 

You hate fighting and are fittingly neutral on most topics. Even if someone tries to have a go at you, you just look at them very confused and pretend you have no idea what they're talking about. You hope that they can't read your face from all the way down there.

You've been knocked down and kicked out more times than you would've liked but just hang in there, your time will come. 

Zhou Guanyu.

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You get into one teeny, tiny accident and that's all anyone can talk about until the end of time.

What people should be talking about is carrying the weight of an entire country on your back. You're a bit shy but are always willing to take part in new experiences and keep a positive attitude throughout. 

You're a quick learner and just want to prove yourself and make the people you care about proud.

Kevin Magnussen.

Image source: Getty.

You have no filter and people love you for it. Your role in your friendship group is to provide the entertainment (which is just you being you).

Don't get me wrong, you're also great at your job. Sometimes people forget that you're there until you open your mouth and say how you really feel about something.

However, you keep it real and don't mean any harm (I think). 

Logan Sargeant.

Image: Getty.

Omg hey! Sorry, I forgot you were here. You seem nice? 

Look I'm going to be honest... I don't even think you know who you are. With that being said, I'm willing to learn. If anything, someone with as strong a name as you HAS to be winning — it's such a waste if you don't. 

I'm keeping the faith, you've got this!

Bonus: Toto Wolff.

Image: Getty.

You love stern men in tight shirts with big biceps. That's it.

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