What does your netball position say about your personality?

Some people swear by star signs as a indication of their personality. Others put their faith in the more rigorous Myers-Briggs test.

But if you want a fail-proof blueprint for what a person is really like, just pay close attention to the bib they snatch from the pile before a netball game. Really.

So, what does your favoured position reveal about your disposition? The netballers past and present of our office huddled together (in a circle, naturally) to create this, ahem, very (*cough*) scientific and not at all subjective guide…

Kath and Kim's resident netball enthusiast, Sharon Strzelecki.


The big C is, well, central to any good netball team, and it’s a role that speaks of many personality traits. To start with, Centres are micro-managers — during a game they’re working with every member of the team to find solutions and keep things moving. They have a finger in every pie.

They also know everything about everyone, and are always on the go. If Centres were a coffee they’d totally be a short black.

Goal Defence

Ahh, yes, the stoic GD — always there to keep the enemy out of the goal circle and take an emergency backwards pass in the middle third of the court. We reckon GDs are typically assertive, tenacious and tend to make their presence known (i.e. they’re not afraid to get all up in your business).

On-court, GDs are constantly watching their opponent and rarely miss a trick, so there’s a good chance their bullshit detector is off the scale. Also? Tall.

Click through for a gallery of some of our favourite sportswomen (post continues after gallery):

Goal Keeper

The GD’s inner-circle counterpart, GK, is a bit of a quiet achiever. They probably hover on the ‘introvert’ side of the personality spectrum — more reserved (or should that be ‘guarded’, ha, ha) than GD, and a lot more intense. Don’t ever write them off, though; as one of our resident GKs put it, her people “quietly shut shit down” and they’re super dependable.


Goal Shooter

Are you a highly ambitious perfectionist? Wear that GS bib with pride, kid. The name says it all: Goal Shooters always have their eyes on the prize, and they have no time for that central-court nonsense.

They’re the poster child for Type A personalities, with an almost scary level of focus, drive and organisation. You know those people who buy wall planners and diaries from Kikki K… and actually use them? And colour-code them? Goal Shooters for sure.

GK are quiet achievers, while GS have their eyes on the prize. Image via Facebook

Goal Attack

There’s no two ways about it: GAs are over-achievers. They’re all-rounders who want to be involved in absolutely everything — mid-court action, goal shooting, the lot. In off-court life, this makes them social butterflies who tend to over-commit because they can’t bear to RSVP ‘no’.

It’s very likely GAs are prone to FOMO, so don’t ever leave them home alone on a Saturday night with access to Instagram. Absolute people-pleasers.

Wing Attack

“Here if you need!” is a WA’s catch cry, and that tells you everything you need to know.

You know that friend who’s always mingling at parties and organising your squad’s social events? The one who’ll always run to your side and find time for you when you’re in need, and stand behind you, shouting encouragement while you’re shooting goals (uh… life goals, but literal goals too)? She’s a WA for sure.

Wing Defence

It mightn’t be fair, but it has to be said: WD is like the Jan Brady to WA’s Marcia. It’s an underrated position and tends to be the first one cut from the court when you’re a player down.

So, if you’re a WD, this means you’re probably a good sport who can roll with the punches. You embrace the role despite its stigma, and know that you don’t need to be in the limelight to make a difference. Don’t let the haters get to you.

What's your netball position? Do you think it says anything about you?

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