'I have naturally curly hair. Here's the 10 best curly girl hair products I swear by.'

A couple of months ago I tried my hands at the Curly Girl Method on my naturally wavy to curly hair. 

And it worked pretty darn well. But I have to say, it required a lot of effort. 

From the viral bowl method to the term co-washing, it feels like wavy and curvy hair is being embraced more and more, which is fabulous to see. 

But I've been looking for products that will make my curly hair easier to manage, rather than having to rely on an elaborate method or routine that isn't feasible all the time. 

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That's when I started trying and testing a bunch of products - and in the process, I've managed to find my holy grails.

From curl conditioners and shampoos, to curl creams and gels, here are the 10 products I will buy time and time again.

Muk Kinky Muk Curl Amplifier, $27.95.

This is my OG curl product. I vividly remember the moment my hairdresser recommended I buy this product online, saying her daughter with wavy to curly hair swore by the stuff.

And she was right, as hairdressers often are. 


I've used this in wet hair, dry hair, damp hair - and every time it's worked wonders. You best believe I'll be adding to my next online shopping cart. Plus, the price is totally affordable. 

Image: Adore Beauty.

Mr. Smith Curl Crème 200ml, $43.

I only recently got my hands on this curl product, and my hair has been loving it. I've even got my mum onto this one, and she's now embracing her natural curls.

This curl cream is a really good balance between being a styling and a hydration product. It has a buttery texture and also smells so so lovely without having any artificial fragrances. This is a product particularly good for those who abide strictly by the curly girl method, as it has 'no nasties' in it. 


Image: Adore Beauty.

NAK Hair Curls Crème 150ml, $33.95.

If you're someone who prefers using products that are cruelty-free, sulfate-free, vegan and paraben-free - this is a good product for you. It's also Australian made which is always lovely. 

I've found the best time to use this product is when my hair is damp. I add a few pumps to my hands and rake it through the ends of my hair before scrunching up. It's probably best described as a styling cream. 


Image: Adore Beauty.

Bread Beauty Supply Hair-Gel Curl Capturing Gloss, $48.

This is a more spendy gel option, and one that definitely has less crunch. 

This is only a recent addition to my curl routine, but it's been a very welcomed newbie. It definitely helps with smoothing and adding a bit of shine to the hair, but also keeping the curl pattern looking defined. I add this one to wet hair, and then I finger coil the locks and that seems to make each strand look far better and healthier. 


Image: Sephora.

ColorWOW Curl Coco-Motion Conditioner, $64.

A little goes a long way with this product - and the tub is hefty.

This is a really good quality treatment/conditioner product. As someone who can have quite frizzy hair from time to time, using a nourishing conditioner like this every second or third wash tends to make a difference.


Image: Adore Beauty.

Marc Daniels Treatment Go Curly Makes Hair Curly 150ml, $8.

I'm not a big user of gels in general, but if I feel like using one - this is a go-to product. It's super cheap and it has a decent curl hold. 

If your hair does feel a bit crunchy after using this gel, one of the best quick fixes is to give the ends of your hair a scrunch upwards a couple of times and it makes the hair feel less like straw.

Image: Woolworths.


VIRTUE Curl Shampoo and Conditioner set, $57.

If you are someone who finds shampoo and conditioner from your local supermarket or pharmacy isn't cutting it, then might I suggest this duo.

It is on the spendy side, but for any woman out there with curly hair - you'll know it takes a sh*t load of maintenance and attention to keep the locks looking good. Plus, it doesn't leave my hair feeling stripped, which I've experienced with certain other luxe brands of shampoo and conditioner. 

I would recommend getting the Curl Discovery Kit from this brand, as it comes with the shampoo, conditioner and a Leave-In Curl Butter (which I'm yet to try but have heard fabulous reviews). 


Image: Adore Beauty.

Joico Curl Confidence Defining Creme 177ml, $28.99.

This is another fabulous option! 

You apply this product to damp hair and then can air dry, or blow dry with a diffuser afterwards.

If your curls are looking a bit dull, this defining cream is super good at adding a nice dousing of shine. A close friend of mine who has very very curly hair also swears by this product, which her hairdresser recommended for her.


Image: Oz Hair and Beauty.

Rusk Miracurl Defining Spray Long lasting Control and Finish, $16.75.

When those events come up where hairspray is needed, I've always fallen back on my trusty cylinder of this Rusk Miracurl Defining Spray.

It helps keep the hold of the curls, but doesn't leave that god-awful classic hairspray residue that makes your hair feel like cardboard. It's a hard to find product, but always seems to be available on Ebay whenever I need a new bottle. 


Image: Ebay.

Ugly Swan Hairvenly™ Leave in Curl Cream, $39.95.

It's like a creamy, body butter consistency... but for your hair.

This one I've definitely seen some of the best results with. And almost sopping wet hair is the way to go and lathering a small scoop of it in the ends and scrunching through. 

Image: Ugly Swan.


What's your favourite products and routine for your curly or wavy hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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