50 women share their favourite cheap beauty product that's way better than their expensive ones.

If a beauty product is truly that good, price shouldn't matter (well, within reason). 

Because, although there are many fabulous expensive products on the market, we will guarantee that there are plenty of chemist bargains that are just as good, if not better.

Today, we're going to prove that.

Here you'll find 50 women sharing their favourite beauty product that's 10 times better than their expensive ones. Some shared their favourite face moisturiser, while others insisted on their must-have mascara.

And, to make it simple for everyone, we've organised each answer depending on their product category. So you can easily scroll down and find what you're looking for.

But first, here's how to add a dash of colour to your makeup. Post continues below.

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Cleansing Oil

"Simple Cleansing Oil. It's great and works, no need to buy expensive ones!" - Melanie.

"Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil. It does a better job than the Clinique Balm and it doesn’t sting my eyes." - Caitlin.


Face Wash

"The Ordinary Squalene Cleanser." - Candice.


"My Nivea Gel Face Wash. Say what you will, everything else makes me break out or go red." - Katie.

Face Moisturiser

"Weleda Skin Food. Hands down the best night cream I have ever used." - Priya.

"Weleda Skin Food. Beats every moisturiser I’ve ever used." - Tara.

Image: Supplied.


"CeraVe Moisturising Cream (in the tub). It’s so cheap and better than the $89 face moisturiser I used to use." - Kasey.


"Voue Night Moisturiser from Woolies. I die for it. It's $7 and I’ve used three tubs!" - Isabelle.

"Voeu Night Moisturiser. It's from Woolworths, $7 per tub and I swear by it. So much better than any other moisturiser I’ve ever used. I use it day and night. Don’t like the Voeu day one but the night one is amazing." Sam.

"Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Moisturiser. Works really well with my acne prone skin." - Elise.

"The Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Acid Day Cream is just like the Crème de la Mer." - Jodie.

Face Oil

"Jojoba Oil - nothing compares." - Nikki.



"Skin Republic Collagen Undereye Patches. $9.99 for three pairs! And most of the time you can buy it on promotion at Woolies." - Elizabeth.



"I have tried many sunscreens and this Nivea Sun Shine Control one is my favourite. It never stings (I use tretinoin), sits well under makeup and is invisible and weightless. Sometimes it’s on special for around $7!" - Ingrid.

"Agree. Totally as good as the high end ones and no stinging." - Gail.

Image: Supplied.


"Cancer Council 50+ Matte Sunscreen. I alternate with that and my Ultra Violette Queen Screen!" - Kystal-Lee.

"I second Cancer Council. This sunscreen sinks in immediately and sits perfectly under my makeup (I have oily skin)." - Charlotte.

"ALDI Ombra Daily Defence 50+ Sunscreen. It's the best I have used and about $2 a tube." - Anita.

"This facial sunscreen from ALDI. Not greasy, goes amazing under makeup, doesn’t leave a white cast and the best part: it’s only $2!" - Amy.

Only available during ALDI Special Buys. Image: Supplied. "The Azclear Action Moisturiser SPF30+ for oily skin. So good and it’s non comedogenic." - Siobhan.



"Flower Beauty Primer. As good as any spendy primer I've used." - Tara.


"I got onto the Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation and always get so many compliments on it whenever I wear it - far more than when I wear what I consider 'my good ones' which would fall into the spendy category." - Courtney.


"Designer Brands Foundation! Blows my mind how good it is. I strictly only used luxury brands before finding it. It stays on for ages, looks amazing and it genuinely looks as good as when I first applied it seven hours later." - Fiona.

"La Roche-Posay Fluid Foundation. Best thing ever!" - Belinda.


"I love the Revlon Colorstay Foundation and have been a fan for years and years. It flys under the radar I think because it's been around for so long, but it compares with high end." - Susan.

BB and CC Cream

"Maybelline Dream Satin BB Cream - so good!" - Claire.

"Rimmel BB Cream. You can usually get it half price at the supermarket and it’s the perfect amount of light coverage with SPF 15 too." - Lily.



"Revlon Brow Fantasy. Will never use any other brow products - it’s the best." - Peta

"I second Revlon Brow Fantasy. It's my favourite brow product." - Kirby.

"I’ve tried dozens of brow gels and I’m yet to find one that’s better than this. So I stick to this Nyx Control Freak Eyebrow Gel for $6." - Destiny.

Image: Supplied.



"Natio Precision Liquid Eyeliner. It's hands down the best on the market. I’ve been using it for years! Doesn’t budge, easy application and generally amazeballs." - Simmy.


"Maybelline Full 'N Soft Washable Mascara. I have tried many, many more expensive ones but always go back to that one. No clumps or flakes and just feels more comfortable on." - Sarah.

"MCoBeauty Xtendlash Mascara. It was a saviour after I had to give up on lash extensions!" - Alioth.


"MCoBeauty Xtendlash Mascara! Does the job straight away, no messing around, perfect application and no smudging! I have tried the expensive ones, mid range ones and the MCoBeauty one is by far the cheapest I have tried and by far, the best!" - Alicia.

"From a girl who has short, straight lashes that usually layer and clump when wearing heavy thick volumising mascara, I have to say MCoBeauty Xtendlash Mascara is the greatest mascara I’ve ever worn. Obsessed with it." - Kasia.

"MCoBeauty Xtendlash Mascara (white tube). It stays put all day and won't smudge under your eyes especially if you wear a mask!" - Maddie.

"MCoBeauty Xtendlash Mascara!" - Maddie.

"MCoBeauty Xtendlash Mascara. It's a great tubing mascara that doesn’t flake or smudge." - Caitlin.


"COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara. Better than any expensive brand! Doesn’t clump, defines and gives volume. Doesn’t rub off but easy to clean in the shower." - Kate.


"Dermal Therapy Lip Balm. Only time I’ve ever seen a proper change in my chapped lips!" - Caity.

"This $3 tinted lip balm from Nivea." - Saranna.

Image: Supplied.


"Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream (I use this on my lips and dry skin patches - it’s a regular purchase!)" - Candice.

"MCoBeauty Treatment Gloss. It's not too sticky and feel moisturising." - Keira.

"The MCBeauty Lip Oil. It's an exact dupe for fancy Dior one." - Isabelle.

Body Moisturiser

"Garnier Beauty Oil Lotion. I liken it to the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, but I think this is better." - Jessica.

Image: Supplied.


"Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser. I get it in a big pump pack for about $5 from the supermarket! I’ve tried so many other moisturisers at all different price points and this is absolutely the best thing for the day to day management of my dry and eczema prone hands." - Grace.

"Sorbelene Moisturiser for sure! $10 per enormous tub, and yes, it's heavy, but it's non-reactive for my sensitive skin and does an amazing job of actually moisturising." - Jessica.

"E45 Moisturising Cream for my hands." - Karyn.

"QV Intensive with Ceramides Body Wash and Moisturising Cream. Legit this body cream is under $25 and has niacinamide so it does more for skin than those silly $70 alleged cellulite smoothing liar creams." - Hannah.

"Neutrogena Body Oil. It smells great, is lightweight, absorbs fast, goes a long way and is cheap as." Dianne.

So there you go. Go forth and grab a bargain. 

Feature image: Supplied and Instagram/@i_shall_shop

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