“The void he leaves behind is immeasurable.” Australian celebrities share their moving tributes to Bert Newton.

Bert Newton has passed away at the age of 83. 

The Australian entertainment icon died while undergoing palliative care at a private clinic in Melbourne.  

He leaves behind his wife of 47 years, Patti, two children and six grandkids.

From the likes of Australia’s most well-known politicians to Aussie A-listers, a wave of people have come forward to share memories and stories of the great Bert Newton.

Watch: Bert Newton presents at the 2018 Logies. Post continues below.

Video via Nine.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“Australia loved Bert. There will never be another like him. Four Gold Logies, hosting the Logies on 20 occasions and entertaining Australians for over half a century,” Prime Minister Morrison said in a statement today.

“There was a familiarity that connected us to Bert, but it also connected us to each other. We could laugh together. That was his gift.”

“Bert could give and take a joke. He could laugh at himself, I’m sure that’s what made Australians warm to him as much as we did. Even when a joke misfired, he had that ability to scramble in a way that made us laugh, and put everyone at ease.”

“Australians also understood his steadfast love of Patti, and her steadfast strength.”

“To Patti and the family, Jen and I send our love, and we send the country’s love as well.”

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese.


The Wiggles Emma Watkins.

“Rest in peace Bert. Thank you for the memories and for being a brilliant Santa xx Our thoughts are with your beautiful family,” said Emma Watkins, the recently retired Yellow Wiggle.

Comedian, Presenter and Media Personality Rove McManus.


Entertainment Editor Angela Bishop.

“What a loss. There was no one else quite like the incredible Bert Newton. To this day I pinch myself that I was lucky enough to sit beside him as a young reporter once a week on Good Morning Australia,” Angela Bishop wrote on Instagram.

“You never knew what he was going to say, but you knew you were going to laugh. He made every guest shine, and supported those in the biz with loyalty and opportunity.”

“This pic was taken at a 2013 production of Grease where he played Vince Fontaine - he joked that my Mum would probably want her hair back at the end of the season.”

Singer and Presenter David Campbell.

“The absolute end of an era. We all grew up with Bert. The ultimate showman. Thank you for giving this young singer a chance on your show,” David Campbell wrote on Twitter.

“He was the blueprint for how to host a show and be relaxed in front of a camera. Heck, he wrote the blueprint,” he wrote in an article today. 

“On behalf of many performers, thank you Bert. You were our hero and cheerleader. This industry was built by, and made better by you. On behalf of the Australians, thank you for making us laugh until we cried anytime you were on the box.”

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Comedian Denise Scott.

“Bert Newton was the best. Years ago when my friend and comedy colleague Lynda Gibson was dying of cancer, we had a fundraising comedy ‘roast’ for her. Bert turned up at HiFi bar in Melbourne and paid homage by removing his ‘rumoured’ toupee and revealing his total baldness. It meant the world to us,” Denise Scott wrote on Twitter.

Author and Journalist Benjamin Law.

Australian Entertainer Rhonda Burchmore.

“I am sobbing and absolutely heartbroken that my darling friend Bert has passed. He was such a loyal, wonderful, kind man who supported me in my entire career - through good times and bad. He was an absolute icon. There will never be another Bert.”


Swimmer Lisa Curry.

“So sorry to hear: Bert ... what a fabulous man. An icon to Australia. Mark and I send our love to you Patti and all the family. At Mark's show tonight he sang a tribute for Bert,” Lisa Curry wrote on Instagram.

News Broadcaster Michael Usher.

“Farewell Bert Newton. What a marvellous life on TV and stage. A standing ovation to you, and our love to Patti and the family.”

Comedian and Presenter Shaun Micallef.

Journalist and Broadcaster Michael Smyth.

Australian TV Personality John Burgess.

“This week just gets sadder with the passing of Australian TV icon Bert Newton. I had the absolute honour of sharing a stage on occasion with Bert and was able to step back and watch a star at work. The void he leaves behind is immeasurable.”


SBS Presenter Ricardo Gonçalves.

Barrister and RHOM Cast Member Gina Liano.

“Very sad! VALE Bert Newton RIP. Sending love to you all and thinking of you, Patti.”

Feature Image: Instagram + Twitter.

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