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Berger from Sex and the City poses with THAT break up note.

Not forgiven. Not forgotten.

Remember Berger, that douchecanoe/strangely hot guy from Sex and the City?

The one who dumped Our Carrie via a Post-It note?

Well, he and that infamous note are back. Actor Ron Livingston, who played Jack Berger in the sixth season, recreated the note while attending the Sundance Film Festival to support his new film, The End of the Tour.

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Livingston/Berger posed for this photo for

He looks ashamed of himself, no?


Now we know Berger was a fictional character.

We know that the episode went to air years ago. And we know Carrie was kind of a pain in the butt.

The bag that changed Sex and The City.

But we still haven’t forgiven him.

Because has there ever been a more brutal dumping in television history? (Bar Big leaving Carrie at the ALTAR wearing VIVIENNE WESTWOOD for goodness sake….)

Here’s a flashback for you:

That pain. That anguish. Never forgotten.


The pain. The anguish. Forgiveness is futile.