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What we're missing when it comes to Bec Judd's lavish 5th birthday party for her daughter.


I’m not normally a fan of celebrities’ lavish birthday parties for their young kids. Usually, the photos make me shudder. You see some gorgeous celebrity, holding a startled-looking tot, in front of an impeccably styled room, and you think, “That poor kid just wishes everyone could go home so she could sit and play in an empty cardboard box.”

So when I read that Bec Judd’s fifth birthday party for her daughter Billie had been branded “excessive” by “angry parents”, I thought I would be shuddering again.

But when I saw the Instagram pics, I didn’t shudder.

It’s a LOL doll-themed party. LOL doll balloons, a LOL doll cake and a basket of LOL dolls. But the thing that jumps out for me is that Billie has a huge smile on her face. This is Billie’s dream come true. Hers, not her mum’s.


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Party time. LOL Doll much? ????????

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Billie is clearly having the time of her life. You can imagine her looking back on this photo in 20 years time and going, “Mum, remember when I was obsessed with LOL dolls and you threw me that LOL doll party? That was the best!”

The other thing I saw when I looked more closely at the photos was that this was not an excessive party. Sure, the LOL dolls in the basket would have cost a bit, and the LOL cake wouldn’t have been cheap, but beyond that, it’s basically just a few things from a party supplies store, fairy bread, popcorn and some strawberries.

On Instagram, one person supposedly labelled the set-up “utterly disgusting”, claiming, “Would probably feed a hundred homeless people for a month.”

Seriously? Split among a hundred people, this party spread would probably come to a single kernel of popcorn, a few crumbs of cake and half a strawberry for each one.


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Happy birthday to our one and only Princess. The LOL Doll obsession is real…. for all of us ????????

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Even if Bec did spend a heap on her daughter’s birthday party, so what? It’s her money. What’s the point of having money if you can’t occasionally indulge the people you love? Wouldn’t that be one of the great things about being rich – to be able to, once in a while, do something a little indulgent that puts a huge smile on your partner’s or child’s face?

“Wow, she’s spoilt,” one of Bec’s Instagram followers wrote. “LOL, sorry. I should have said very spoilt.”

Well, I think the party for Billie looked great. I think any party that makes a kid’s eyes light up is great. It doesn’t need to involve a lot of money – just a parent knowing what their kid loves, and finding some way to put it on the table.

Everyone deserves to be spoilt, at least once a year. Happy birthday, Billie.

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