Two unusual rules Bec Judd had to follow when she was a footy WAG.

Bec Judd is a busy woman.

She’s a mum-of-four, radio and TV host, a published author and brand ambassador, plus the wife of AFL legend Chris Judd.

In a candid chat on her KIIS FM radio show 3pm Pick Up, the 35-year-old shared some… interesting… rituals from her time as a WAG.

Chris retired from football in 2015, but before that his AFL career dictated a lot, including what went on in the kitchen… and the bedroom.

“There was no sex on game day!” she said.

“I think my husband didn’t want to blow any steam… save all his energy for the game.”

She also said she and Chris would eat spaghetti bolognese before each match because Chris believed it boosted his energy levels.

Her radio co-star Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond was impressed by Bec’s sacrifices.

“I don’t think I could love anyone enough to be as hardcore as that, and go ‘Tonight we’ve got to eat this, we can’t have sex on this day’,” Monty said.

Image via Instagram.

Bec said although she was initially known for just being a WAG, she feels like she's now stepped out of her husband's shadow.

"For years I was always associated with him," she said, before adding: "I think I’m respected in my own right as a career woman."