Lockdown with four kids, daily workouts and a nightly ritual: A day in the life of Bec Judd.

Want to know how your favourite celebs spend their days? Yep, us too. In Mamamia’s A Day in the Life series, high-profile people share everything from what they eat for breakfast to their pre-bedtime rituals. 

This week, we find out what life has really been like in lockdown for radio host and mum of four, Bec Judd.

If there's one thing Bec Judd wants to take away from her experience in lockdown, it's the simple pleasure of slowing down.

The television presenter, radio host and brand ambassador has been living in lockdown in Melbourne with her former AFL star husband Chris and their four children - Oscar, nine, Billie, six, and three-year-old twins, Tom and Darcy for the past few months.

But while it certainly hasn't always been easy, there have been a few positives sprinkled throughout.

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"I've really, really enjoyed slowing down," the mother-of-four told Mamamia.

"You don't realise how busy you are until you are forced to not leave your house," she added.

"When I think of going back to being as busy as I was before, I just shake my head and think, 'There's no way I can do that again.'


"Sometimes it's been hard with all of us being in the same house. But I've just loved being home. I've loved being around more. I've really enjoyed being a bit of a homebody."

With the added pressure of juggling virtual learning and working remotely, Judd's daily routine has changed pretty drastically in lockdown. 

Her day usually begins at 7am, when her husband Chris brings her a double shot latte in bed.

"After that, we'll slowly get up and get the kids ready for [virtual] school. It's always a mad rush to make sure they've got the worksheets and resources that they need for their lessons that day and that their iPads are charged," the 37-year-old said.

As for Judd's three-year-old twins, it's often a juggle to keep them occupied throughout the day – especially in stage four lockdown.


"They're three-year-old boys who want to run around and need lots of activities. They're on one thing and then onto the next and the next. We schedule in walks or playing games outside, but the twins have definitely been the hardest to organise," the radio host explained.

"My [two oldest] kids have school, and they have breaks every hour. It's like constant rotating in and out of the kitchen, snacks, cleaning and housework, trying to work, and doing activities with the kids.

"The big kids finish school at 3pm and then they normally have a bit of screen time or a snack. 

"In between that I'm getting work done, getting content filmed, doing interviews. On Mondays and Tuesdays, I get to go into work as an essential worker for the 3pm Pick Up [on KIIS1011]. That's pretty much the only time I leave the house all week."

In recent years, Judd has made a conscious decision to avoid working on the weekends.

"My husband and I used to work a lot on weekends and we just decided that we need some time at home together as a family," she said.

"It's been interesting because we made that deal a few years ago. We weren't expecting that in 2020 that we'd all be home together every single day," she laughed.


Like many Melburnians who are still in lockdown, Judd has found solace in her daily workouts.


"Pre-isolation, when I was working so much, I just didn't really have the time to exercise. So that's been something that I've really, really enjoyed," Judd shared.

"When you are locked inside for such a long period of time, anything you can do to get your endorphins going, you should try to do more of."

Throughout the week, the radio host usually alternates between 20-minute intensive workouts and pilates on Keep It Cleaner, as well as running around with the kids.

"My husband and I have been exercising flat out every day. When the kids have their lunchtime break from their virtual learning, we're outside running laps of the backyard. It's been a good positive out of lockdown.

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As for her beauty and hair routine in lockdown, the Klorane ambassador has found using the brand's new Aquatic Mint Dry Shampoo, available now for RRP $15.95 at leading pharmacies, "an absolute game changer".

"Before I discovered it, I would have to wash my hair every second day. Now I only have to wash my hair twice a week, even with exercising every single day. I use it as a styling tool as well – it's been so efficient," she said.

"I've also been putting on a bit of makeup to feel like my normal self. [I've been using] concealer, powder, always brows, and a bit of mascara."

When it comes to the end of a long day in lockdown, Judd has a new nightly ritual before she heads to bed at around 11pm.


"From 8.30pm or 9pm, we'll retreat to the lounge, all the kids are in beds, lights are all off, peppermint tea, chocolate, and watch whatever series we're binging," she said.

"We feel like we're at the movies or something. And we just sit there and drink peppermint tea and eat chocolate and then get to bed. It's like our reward for getting through another day of lockdown."

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