Teamwork parenting, training with Snez and "organised chaos": A day in the life of Sam Wood.

6am: I wake up around 6am and play with Willow. She wakes up at this time like clockwork every day. While we play, Snez and Charlie try to get some extra sleep but it doesn’t always work out that way.

7am: By now Snez and Charlie are definitely up and we will work as a team to get all the girls breakfast. It’s organised chaos but once they’re fed I’ll head off for a 45-minute walk with my dog Hendrix. This is my form of meditation and it sets me up for the day. I also use this time to send a live video to my 28ers which is usually a motivational or educational video.

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8am: We use this time to get prepared for the upcoming live workout and make sure Evie is ready for her online classes now that school is at home, and Willow is set up with an activity and some snacks that we hope will keep her engaged for half an hour!

9am: Snez and I do a live workout on the 28 by Sam Wood Public Facebook page. We do this every Monday-Friday at 9am AEST. Charlie usually joins us down on the mat or plays with us while we train.

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9.30am: The house by this stage looks like a cyclone has been through it after the workout so we do a quick all-hands-on-deck tidy and then get Willow playing in her sandpit or making cubby houses and Charlie down for a nap. I’ll either have a quick breakfast at home with Snez or make a smoothie to take to the office.

10.30am: I’ll arrive at the office and catch up on emails, have Zoom/phone/Skype meetings with my staff or shoot content. It’s super important to remain connected and check in with everyone and how they are feeling during this time.


1-3pm: I’ll have lunch at some stage between 1 and 3 depending on what time my meetings are - I’ll make a sandwich or salad.

5pm-7pm: I usually leave the office around 5 and head home for some quality time with the kids and to give Snez a break. Dinner and bath time with Charlie and Willow is my favourite time of the day. I also love to use this time to catch up with Evie, see how she is going with her school work, hear about her day and just generally check in.

8.30pm: Snez and I will have finished dinner and cleaned up the mess made by three beautiful but messy kids! We then usually crash on the couch completely exhausted and watch a show. At the moment we’re watching The Last Dance and Ozark and it’s taking a while as Snez is usually asleep on my shoulder within 10 minutes of starting.

10.30pm: Bedtime to get ready to do it all over again!

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