A 4:30am alarm, 2 daughters and a full-time job: A day in the life of Fifi Box.

Four months into isolation living, Fifi Box has embraced the simple pleasures of slowing down. 

"Before isolation, I was running around constantly; every weekend was loaded with catchups and activities and I was always exhausted," the Australian media personality tells Mamamia. "So, I’ve realised that’s it’s okay to not have plans, to sit around the loungeroom with the kids doing puzzles and playing charades.

"I feel a lot calmer and happier taking the pressure off and declining invitations."

Still, her average weekday involves a piercing 4:30am alarm before her Fox FM radio show, Fifi, Fev and Byron, which she currently co-hosts from her home in Melbourne. 

"I go to my home studio at 5am to prepare the radio show and work until roughly 11am. Then, I’m back on mum duty and spend the next few hours getting stuck into chores and spending quality time with [my youngest daughter] Daisy."


On top of her work, Box's days in isolation involved home-schooling her eldest daughter, seven-year-old Trixie, whilst caring for one-year-old Daisy.

"It was such a special time, not running around to appointments, activities and parties. I really relished the slowing down, which resulted in so much quality time as a family enjoying the moment and not racing off to the next thing."

Like many of her fellow mums and dads, she too feels the pressure that comes with parenthood.

"My advice to parents who, like me, might put unrealistic pressure on themselves, is: ‘done is better than perfect’. This has really resonated with me and I've stopped beating myself up when I feel like I’m failing or not good enough.

"Just getting things done is better than trying to make everything perfect," Box tells Mamamia. "This even relates to putting healthy food on the table. Kids can be fussy, but during isolation, I’ve had more control over what they eat and I've found some delicious recipes that are quick and bursting with the good stuff, so sometimes I'll blitz up extra veggies to sneak them into some of Trixie’s favourites. 

"A healthy diet is obviously the best source of nutrition for kids, but some parents might want to complement [that] with a supplement to support general health," says the Pentavite brand ambassador, who recommends their new chewables range, including Multivitamin + Iron Kids Chewables.

Watch: Fifi Box talks about her journey with IVF. Post continues below. 


Video via Channel 10

Amidst the craziness of kids, Box admits she can find it difficult to look after her own wellbeing. 

"Like a lot of parents, my first instinct is to ensure my girls’ needs are being met, and as they’re both at very different stages of childhood with very different needs, most of my time is spent caring for them. For self-care, I try to exercise by walking for an hour a day, but I soon hope to get back into some of the activities I love, like Pilates and going to the gym, maybe when Daisy is a bit older."

And a good night's sleep is crucial for the busy mum and her family. 

"Because of my early start in the morning, bedtime is wonderful in our home; we all go down together. After a bath, we snuggle in bed to read a book and I try my hardest to stay awake to the end." 

Then it's up at 4:30 am again, to start the next day.

*Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Vitamins and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

Feature image: Supplied/Instagram.

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