The most deeply awkward moment of Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion's interview.

Our jaws colletively dropped when Barnaby Joyce described the paternity of Vikki Campion’s unborn child as a “grey area” in March.

By suggesting he might not be the baby’s father, it drew many to say he effectively threw his partner under the bus.

And it seems Vikki wasn’t happy about it either.

During the couple’s interview with Sunday Night, the most awkward moment came when the former deputy prime minister was asked specifically about the “grey area” comment.

As this question was undoubtedly going to be asked, you would have thought the couple would have prepared a united response ahead of time. But nope.

“Well, hang on,” Barnaby told reporter Alex Cullen, attempting to give context.  “It was a tipping point, and there were so many people who were close to me who said, ‘What on earth possessed you to say that?'”

“Yeah, well, it was actually a decision we made together. And we were trying… We were just trying to-”

And at this point, a visibly shocked Vikki cut her partner off, clarifying: “I didn’t say use the words ‘grey area’.”

They both laughed, but it was perhaps the most awkward of laughs we’ve ever witnessed.


When asked what she wanted Barnaby to say, his former staffer and now the mother of his son, Sebastian, wasn’t able to explain clearly.

“Um, I’ve, well… Look, at that point, he was getting these questions from journalists saying, that it’s not your baby, and so the biggest scoop for them would have been that it wasn’t, at that point.”

“Uh, I was [not too happy]… by the ‘grey area’ headline. I was deeply hurt. Definitely.”

Barnaby further tried to explain his poor choice of words by saying anyone in his position unable to leave their home without being swarmed by paparazzi would “probably say something crazy”.

It wasn’t the only moment during the interview that Vikki seemed incredulous at the words coming out of her partner’s mouth.

Barnaby’s comment: “You look at Sebastian and you think, ‘Boy, man, you caused some problems.’ elicited another bemused look from Vikki. 

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Video by Channel 7