Barnaby Joyce says he may not be the biological father of Vikki Campion’s child.

In an interview with Fairfax, Barnaby Joyce has said he is not certain of whether he is in fact the biological father of Vikki Campion’s unborn child.

Citing physical separation during the period of time the baby would have been conceived, Joyce said the topic of contention was a “grey area”.

While slamming the initial report from The Daily Telegraph in February that revealed Campion’s pregnancy to Australia, Joyce said he was never asked to confirm whether he was the father.

“How could they know?” Joyce said. “They never even asked if it was Joyce’s bundle.”

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Joyce also voiced his disapproval of the photographs taken and published of Campion and Joyce, claiming them to be an “outrageous” breach of privacy.

Sharri Markson, the journalist behind the story, has spoken out in defence, tweeting the following:


Additionally, Joyce has revealed that despite his doubts, he is not planning on undertaking a paternity test to determine the truth.

“It’s mine on the record, there it is,” the former deputy prime minister said.

“I can say even if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t care. I’d still go through this. I still love him.”

The Australian public has expressed their criticism of Joyce’s most recent words, with some questioning how this news could possibly positively impact the situation as a whole for him and Campion.


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