The ultimate lazy woman's '90s hair accessory is back. We're cheering.

Hear that? It’s the sound of every woman realising they can now have an extra 15 minutes in bed each morning.

The fashion lords at New York Fashion Week have spoken and the banana clip is BACK.

Yes, the ’90s hair accessory that’s perfect for lazy hair styling is following in the footsteps of the scrunchie after it was spotted at Alexander Wang’s show.


It’s further proof that in 2018, daggy is du jour.

Also known as the ‘claw clip’, the beauty of the banana clip – so called because its shape resembles a banana, is that it means ‘doing’ your hair can literally take 30 seconds.

Simply twist your hair and pin with the clip.

However rather than the pineapple spikes of the ends of your hair we saw in the nighties, the look is a lot sleeker. For Wang’s show, after being sprayed with hairspray, hair was secured by two clips rather than just one to keep it all enclosed.

“The hair is a take on the power dressing of the ‘80s and the idea that the model is someone in the corporate world,” hairstylist Guido told Allure.

“The spray at the ends ensures you get a really hard, clean look.”

It’s a win for easy styling and hiding bad hair days, particularly when you, ahem, are a little behind on your hair washing schedule.

Yep, this is one nostalgic hair accessory we’re happy to welcome back with open arms.

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