A couple has written a list of wedding 'rules' and... no.

In news that has surprised no one, yet another intensely specific list of wedding rules has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

Over the years, there have been many debates, stories and morally questionable opinions about weddings that have gone viral. There have been mothers-in-law who have had to be uninvited from their own kids' big days. There's been debate over whether a bridesmaid should have to pay for her expensive AF dress. And we can't forget the opinion pieces from both sides on child-free weddings over the years, either.

Basically... We. Have. Seen. It. All.

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But nothing could have prepared us for the s**t storm that erupted earlier this week when a list of wedding rules made by a bride and groom for their big day went viral — and it is as crazy as you might imagine.

Their demands have since been dubbed "obnoxious" and "aggressive", despite the couple having only 15 rules they expected their guests to follow. 

Some rules were perhaps understandable, if worded a little... snarkily — like asking guests not to "get in the photographer's way" or to avoid sharing big news or conducting any marriage proposals for their own.


But there were other rules, too. Such as the rule that guests weren't to "sit down" too much, and a reminder that any opinion other than the bride and groom's were "irrelevant".

Below is the full list of rules, and we'll let you be the judge.

A list of wedding rules has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. Image: Facebook.


It's important to remember of course that a wedding can be one of the most important days of a couple's life, so requests, regulations or even 'demands' are not totally out of the ordinary — especially given how much money it takes to get married in front of a crowd these days.

But many have criticised the couple behind the viral post for being "ableist", with one person asking, "Are you really telling grandma she can't sit all evening if she wants to?"

Others said they would flat-out refuse to attend any wedding that demanded they remain on the dance floor for most the evening.

"No sitting = no attending. Might as well [say] 'no old or disabled people' instead," one person wrote. 

Another asked about the point of a seating chart (see rule #4) if guests weren't allowed to sit down (rule #11).

Some commenters were unhappy with the tone the couple used to write their wedding rules, with one sharing: "I would never attend any event for which a list like that was sent out. If you hate your guests, why have a party?"

By now, we all know that weddings can be divisive affairs, even without a list of rules. Here's hoping this wedding doesn't end up with a bunch of empty seats!

What are some crazy wedding guest rules you've seen? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image: Canva/Facebook.