Bleached bald spots and bad fringes: We asked 7 brave women to share their worst haircut.


While the age old saying that ‘hair grows’, may be factually true, the psychological damage of a salon appointment gone wrong is forever scarring.

Alas, bad hair cuts and botched dye jobs don’t discriminate. Sometimes, you’ll go into the salon with a picture of Emma Watson’s micro fringe, or Gigi Hadid’s onetime pixie cut, and come out as a teary human, with an oddly-shaped tuft of hair. As far as we’re concerned, this feeling is universal.

To prove this, we asked begged seven women to share their worst hair disasters. They did, and we’re all better (and more relieved) people for it.

‘Bald hair and bowl cuts,’ Elise.

Left image: I dyed my hair bleach blonde and chopped it all off. I asked for Michelle Williams, I did not get Michelle Williams.

Right image: This happened when I did ‘Shave For a Cure’ in winter. It was very cold, and there was no relief other than finding out your head is not a weird shape. Not going to lie though, there was something crazy liberating about not having to do my hair in the morning, and showers somehow felt so much better.

bad hair cuts
It seemed like a good idea? Image: Supplied.

'Ashlee Simpson made me do it,' Eloise.

I desperately wanted to look like Ashlee Simpson, but I also wanted to dye my hair with the red foam that came with a copy of Girlfriend magazine and honestly I have never looked uglier in my life. I had to wear a giant headband to keep it off my collar at school because we weren't allowed that, but it was also too short to be tied up. I tore down the poster of Ashlee Simpson from my wall and cried.

bad hair cuts
Excuse us for the mid-2000s photo quality, but this hair needs to be seen. Image: Supplied.

'A pre-wedding hair disaster,' Elle.

Just before MY WEDDING a hairdresser bleached a bald spot into my hairline, and turned the rest of my hair rusty red... wahhhh

bad hair cuts
"Terrible angle.. but hey.. terrible hair." Image: Supplied.

'A full fringe that outstayed its welcome,' Phoebe.

So the full fringe came first and lasted five too many years. I have a freckle in the middle of my forehead, which I've realised is hardly noticeable at age 22, but I thought a fringe was the only option to hide it... then I couldn’t part with it.

My ex-boyfriend's debutante ball was coming up so I thought one ombré session on my DARK brown hair would look amazing. Sure enough, it went orange and at 16 I couldn’t afford to maintain it.

I then went black to counteract it (knowing it would fade). But I looked emo in the mean time. Never again!

bad hair cuts
We live and we learn. Image: Supplied.

'Not everyone can be Zoey Deschanel,' Jess.

All of my bad hair choices can be traced down to wanting to look like Zooey Deschanel or Alexa Chung, and this was some choppy, poorly thought out combination of the two. It started with an innocent idea to DIY myself a fringe while I was doing maths homework, and ended up with me in tears making an emergency phone call to the hairdressers begging them to fix my lopsided fringe.

She wasn't exactly sympathetic to my plight, but she did the best she could to fix it.

bad hair cuts
Why. Image: Supplied.

'It was cool at the time,' Isabella.

I went a little overboard during the dip-dye and selfie phase.

bad hair cuts
A (purple) sign of the times. Image: Supplied.

'I had a mullet,' Nicole.

Despite having long hair for my wedding, I decided to get a healthy chop after my honeymoon. It didn't go well.

From a side view, my hair looked as if it was butchered into some sort of mullet. It was awful.

bad hair cuts
"My face says it all." Image: Supplied.

What the worst hair cut you've ever received? Group therapy is open in the comments.