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toriwannabe January 23, 2021

I wish makeup artists wouldn't talk about eyes 'popping'. It conjures up a horror scene for me!

Question though - I have heterochromia which means the part of the iris around my pupil is hazel, but the rest of my iris is a kind of green. What colour should I consider my eye colour to be?

toriwannabe January 23, 2020

Love the tennis wristband idea. Will definitely be doing that!

toriwannabe January 19, 2020

I find it interesting that what I consider the most 'made-up' face in that article appeared to have a blurry filter applied in the photo. As someone who's always tried to conceal my freckles, I understand wanting to achieve that perfect foundation effect, so I get why someone goes to the effort. But I find it sad that so many people feel they need to additionally blur themselves in photos. Sometimes there's almost more filter than person. We're getting a skewed sense of reality when more and more photos online are being altered and we don't feel like we measure up.

toriwannabe November 23, 2019

What I can't seem to get right is the direction of the curl/wave. I curl away from my face, but it somehow ends up going FORWARD and looks really daggy. And if you apply the suggestions for doing this on short hair, starting from above the ear, and leaving the ends, there's no hair LEFT to curl!

toriwannabe October 1, 2019

Nice analysis! I agree with the unicorn guess. It's near impossible for Deni to disguise that trill vibrato. And the clues match.

I think the prawn may be Fitsy? He was in Big Brother, so the house and prison references match. I think he used to play footy and appears on various sports programs.

Spider and Lion have got me stumped. Spider in particular as she is pretty versatile

toriwannabe July 26, 2019

I dont see the problem with Nicole's hair from those photos. Just looks like curly hair. For my horror cut, I hated my hair so much I didnt even have the courage to photograph it. Thick, waist length hair became neck length, was then permed to within an inch of its life and then chopped into again. I looked and felt like a hedge! That was the moment I learnt the art of straight blowdries.

toriwannabe June 26, 2019

Couldn't agree with you more. The outrage machine calls out something offensive and then offends more and more people by resharing the offense !

toriwannabe May 9, 2019

I agree. I was pleasantly surprised. Yeah, I get that most of us stay in our PJs and recover, but if I knew I'd be on the cover of countless magazines, websites and newspapers, of course I'd make a bit of effort for a photo shoot too.

toriwannabe January 24, 2019

Sorry, but I can't see the difference between your concealed and unconcealed under eyes. Do you even have anything to conceal? You look great without it! I have bought so many under eye concealers over the years and have NEVER found one that lightens this area effectively, no matter how good the review. The lightweight formulas just wipe straight off and the thicker ones sit on top of the skin 🤨

toriwannabe December 6, 2018

Anyone who can DANCE on the BEACH in HEELS deserves an Olympic medal. The post HAS to be fake.

toriwannabe October 8, 2018

They had to pull the ad because of these comments? How ridiculous. And fruit also contains carbs, anyway

toriwannabe August 6, 2018

They'd be better off handing around an envelope and letting people put in as much or as little as they're prepared to pay. Sometimes you might put in more, sometimes less, and it's anonymous.

toriwannabe July 6, 2018

Survival of the richest. Disgusting.

toriwannabe June 29, 2018

Is there a woman in the world who hasn't already curled into the foetal position during period cramps? Didn't need science to tell me to try that. My body told me that already.

toriwannabe May 30, 2018

You call it gas lighting, I call it lying.

toriwannabe February 27, 2018

Ooh, that's a hard one. I'm quite particular about spelling and grammar myself. Maybe you can mention the errors in the poster quietly and throw in a "I used to have trouble with those words myself" or something to lighten the conversation. Or maybe you can sneak in when the teacher's not looking, and correct the errors :)

toriwannabe February 25, 2018

Surely it's got to be against the code of conduct to publish an outright falsehood in quotation marks like that. I know they write false stuff all the time, but the quotes mean it's not paraphrasing; it's actually supposed to represent something someone said.

toriwannabe February 20, 2018

Horrible to have to be thinking of these sorts of things. What I find amazing though is that when they're educating kids how to protect themselves in the event of a shooting, aren't they also educating the next potential SHOOTER? How effective is that going to be? It's like they're thinking this mysterious 'bad guy with a gun' comes from somewhere else. The bad guy usually from the very school they were educated in, alongside the very same children they end up killing. So effed up.

toriwannabe November 13, 2017

Exfoliating creams are also pointless. A warm face washer has the right texture and has been effective for me for years.

toriwannabe November 7, 2017

Is it any wonder gambling is becoming so widespread? How many gambling app ads do we see these days? There'll be tiny text that says "gamble responsibly" or "if gambling has become a problem for you...". They obviously WANT people to be irresponsible, to put on a bet while shopping with their partner, to use a gambling app while holding up progress at a building site, and so on. So blokey and so irresponsible making it seem like a natural extension of the every-day enjoyment of sport. It's got to be treated like alcohol and smoking ads.