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bec_l May 17, 2024

It’s offensive. We want your plus size cash but we don’t want you or your plus size clothes cluttering up our shops. You’re not welcome. That is what they say to us and shop from them anyway because the alternative is to go without. Surely access to clothing is a human right? 

bec_l February 9, 2024

Ugh this all seemed so performative to me. If a woman brings her child to work she’s met with eye rolling and obliged to apologise to everyone she sees. A man brings his baby to work and he’s some kind of hero? No. Sort out your childcare and do your actual job mate. Just like women have been doing forever. 

bec_l January 14, 2024

My $49 a week for unlimited reformer Pilates sounds like a bargain right now! 

bec_l January 13, 2024

My mother ruined our wedding.  My parents are divorced and she couldn’t put her feelings aside for even a few hours. My reception featured her shouting at me for having a photo with him and his wife, and me in tears as she carried on and on. She left the next morning (we lived in another city) and phoned me a few days later like nothing had happened. I’m a big believer that weddings are for everyone else and the smart thing is to elope. 

mamamia-user-964440740 January 13, 2023

Everyone’s experience is different but I’m a bit stunned that the author has time for swims at the beach and reading books. My husband has had cancer twice. The first time his chemo was so severe that he was hospitalised for basically 7 months straight. The second time has been a different cancer but caused by the first one. I have a full time job and three kids and I’m exhausted. I wish I had time for a trip to the beach or to sit and read. Instead I’m just on the go constantly. I’ve done my best to keep life normal for my kids. One was in year 12 last year so we had year 12 stress and cancer stress. Here’s to 2023 and hopefully no more visits to oncology. 

mamamia-user-964440740 January 3, 2023

We were married in 2001. There was no garter toss, no taking his last name, no to a whole lot of that list. Clearly we were trendsetters! 

mamamia-user-964440740 December 4, 2022

I’m currently coordinating a secret Santa for 400 Defence partners. It has been so much work but I love that each of us will get a surprise gift. We do a series of questions - favourite colour, pet hate, favourite food, drink, do you have a hobby etc. We all get to know each other a bit better and it has become a great community. Some women’s husbands are deployed so this will be the only real surprise they get. We also have a group of ladies who have decided to give a gift to a group member. We call them Surprise Santa’s and they’re awesome! 

mamamia-user-964440740 April 25, 2021

The ADF run career transition seminars and recommend members start attending them years before they discharge. To say there is no support is not correct. Krishell may not have attended one but they exist along with the career transitions staff who support members during their discharge. 

So many negative ADF stories today on Mamamia. Why not also report on the amazing work being done by women in our ADF? 

mamamia-user-964440740 January 26, 2021

I have been using these for 14 years. They’re the absolute best! 

Bec H April 16, 2020

I thought several of those films were the same movie as in I didn’t realise they were separate films! Just assumed they had multiple promo posters!

Bec H December 18, 2019

Welcome back Karlos!

Bec H July 26, 2019

Well done Mum! You’re teaching him right! My 14 year old has been making the school lunches for him and his younger brother since he was around 9. He also makes me a sandwich to take to work. I love it! He can cook his favourite meals and he’s been cooking dinner for us once a week for about 5 years too. My boys can all work the washing machine, do the housework, iron their school uniforms etc. I am always amazed when friends don’t let their kids do those things!

Bec H July 26, 2019

Spent a fortune at Oscar Oscar when six months pregnant. Walked out with an actual mullet... layers in fine hair give you volume... oops cut too much.... can you imagine the tears?

Bec H April 5, 2018

Surely sexual harassment is grounds for instant dismissal? I’m shocked that such a morality imposing company would continue to employ that man. Shame on you Qantas.

Bec H April 4, 2018

I think the word “ableist” is the most offensive thing I’ve read all day. She should not apologise at all. What is wrong with that couple that they think wanting a healthy child is wrong? They need to reassess their values if they’re wishing ill health on someone else’s unborn child.

Bec H April 2, 2018

We have three kids and both work full time. We eat dinner as a family, at the table, every single night. I can’t imagine doing anything different. Our kids also eat whatever we are eating. No separate meals etc as this isn’t a restaurant.
This is how kids learn manners, eating nicely etc. plus we all sit together and discuss our days. When they were babies they sat in the high chair t the table and we all ate together, if I had fed them earlier they still sat at the table with us.

Lastly I couldn’t stand the mess from kids sitting elsewhere and eating.

Bec H March 16, 2018

My brother and I aren’t close. I wasn’t invited to either of his weddings. I invited him to mine because I thought it was the right thing to do. He didn’t come to it though. It might have been different if I’d known the women he married.

I look at friends with big, close families and I envy their situation. It would be lovely to have that to fall back on.

Bec H February 7, 2018

Or maybe she knew this would garner attention for her new venture?

Bec H February 3, 2018

They’re both living in a dream world and neither of them are doing anything to help their communities. Carrying on like a pair of idiots.

Bec H January 27, 2018

Talk to the school and come to an arrangement with them. Our catholic school requires iPads and my 8 year old is getting one this year. The school finances them, purchases them, installs the required programs, insurances etc and we just pay it off over the next three years. It’s nowhere near as much a burden. You can also buy it outright which some parents chose to do for tax reasons etc.